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Galil Medical Brochure, Post Card and Newsletter Design


Minimally Invasive Kidney Cryotherapy Patient Brochure


Galil Medical Minimally Invasive Kidney Cryotherapy Brochure


When Galil Medical needed a patient information brochure about minimally invasive kidney cryotherapy treatment, they turned to the medical brochure design experts DDA Medical. DDA Medical has years of expertise in designing visually-attractive and engaging print materials that succeed in delivering information to patients. This six page brochure provides the complete range of information about kidney cancer, treatment options, preparation for surgery, recovery times, follow-up appointments and more. The end goal was to create a singular print source with unbiased overview information to not only provide resources for patients, but also put them at ease regarding kidney cancer. DDA Medical knows what it takes to create cutting-edge print designs as well as remaining sensitive to the needs of the patient.


Cryotherapy Physician Workshop Brochure Design


Galil Medical Cryotherapy Workshop Brochure


To aid in Galil Medical’s commitment to providing educational and training programs to physicians on cryoablation therapy, DDA Medical created this informational workshop brochure. This physician brochure features the upcoming workshops on prostate and renal cryotherapy that are sponsored by Galil Medical with information on meeting topics, times, dates, and location.


DDA Medical created a simple, yet engaging design that included all relevant information on the educational workshops, which provide comprehensive information on the technique and therapy of cryoablation for urological cancers using Galil Medical’s advanced technology products. Included within the brochure, is a registration form, details on what’s offered through each workshop, and additional information on fees and policies. This is just one of many projects we’ve created for Galil Medical that demonstrates our capabilities in all areas, from print production to custom programming and video production to website development, as well as our ability to provide high-quality services for both educational and marketing initiatives.


ACS Promotional Direct Mail Postcard


Galil Medical ASC Post Card


For Galil Medical, DDA not only conceptualized and designed this post card on Ambulatory Surgical Cryoablation, we also conducted research into the field to develop targeted and effective medical copy and marketing messages and themes. Through brief, well-written, and informative text, benefits of this approach and its time-saving features were successfully communicated. In addition, DDA graphic designers created an attractive layout with the machine serving as the central design element, to ensure this post card was not lost amongst other mail pieces.


Cryo Times Patient Newsletter


Galil Medical Newsletter


Galil Medical, a long-time client of DDA Medical, conferred with our design team for the creation of this Cryo Times Newsletter. To reinforce Galil’s aesthetic identity, DDA’s graphic designers found inspiration in their DDA developed website. Utilizing Galil’s green and grey color palette, the newsletter showcases several articles in a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing way. The end result proved to be a successful format in which to share the latest news, updates, and events going on in the world of cryotherapy.


Services Used:

  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletter
  • Post Card Design
  • Marketing Copywriting
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