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Grand Strand Urology Outdoor Billboard Campaign

Grand Strand Urology Billboard 1
Grand Strand Urology Billboard 2
Grand Strand Urology Billboard 3

DDA Medical developed these large format graphics for Grand Strand Urology to be used as outdoor billboards. Grand Strand Urology was interested in attracting new patients to its South Carolina locations, which offer the latest in prostate cancer treatment.


With years of experience creating large-format graphics for use in outdoor advertising, the graphic designers at DDA Medical created a series of three billboards that would draw the eye of any passing motorist. By utilizing simple, memorable, and straightforward messages for the billboards, DDA Medical’s graphic designers and copywriters created a series of billboards that not only increased awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer, but also showcased the locations and contact information for Grand Strand Urology’s South Carolina offices. DDA Medical understands the ins and outs of large-format outdoor advertising, including traffic exposure figures, memorable slogans, and eye-catching visuals.


Services Used:

  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Marketing Copywriting
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