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Cryoablation Promotional Clinician Animation and Illustration for Oncura

Promotional Clinician Animation


Guided Cryoablation Animation for Oncura


Oncura, a leading medical device manufacturer for kidney cancer treatment, needed a new video to help promote and educate viewers about laparoscopic guided, percutaneous CT guided, and percutaneous MRI guided cryoablation techniques. They turned to long-time marketing partner DDA Medical to produce a medical video that combined custom 3D medical animation, medical illustrations, and live video clips into a singular presentation aimed at providing patient and physician education. The video also features hybrid animation made to simulate a virtual trade show environment. DDA Medical is an industry leader known for providing the most innovative animation in the medical industry on DVD or online for a variety of needs.




Oncura's Pen Card Illustration


When Oncura, a medical device manufacturer specializing in minimally invasive prostate and kidney cancer treatment, attended a large trade show event, they enlisted DDA Medical to create stunning graphics and an engaging booth design. Additionally, Oncura wanted to promote their booth by enticing people with a free gift offer, including a free continuing medical education (CME) course - which DDA Medical helped develop. The resulting illustration depicts a credit card that offers “payment” for the CME course as well as displaying a DDA Medical illustration of the USB memory key and pen giveaway.


DDA Medical, for many years, has played a large role in developing Oncura’s marketing and branding strategies and has also designed and developed many of Oncura’s promotional medical marketing efforts, including medical brochures, trade show graphics, videos, animations, CRM programs, as well as several websites fully optimized for search engine marketing.

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