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Custom Designed and Illustrated Brochure for HartLab


When a custom-designed and -illustrated tri-fold brochure can help physicians evaluate patients with cognitive impairment, it’s more than just marketing material.

HartLab is a national clinical laboratory specializing in testing senior citizens for their copper and zinc metabolic status. As part of their introduction of the CopperProof Diagnostic Panel for identifying copper toxicity and zinc deficiency in older patients, HartLab needed new marketing material. DDA Medical went beyond the ordinary brochure to deliver a valuable physician- education tool.

The brochure was intended to act as an adjunct to their informative website and HartLab wanted attractive and educational print materials for healthcare professionals to learn more about chronic copper toxicity, and how to help their patients. Dynamic Digital Advertising developed custom graphics illustrating how copper affects the body. These bright and colorful illustrations serve as a vivid method for assisting physicians to understand the way copper enters the bloodstream and its negative impact on the brain. HartLab provided the content for the brochure and approved the stock images as well as the illustrations.

DDA’s design for a physician-focused tri-fold brochure features custom-designed graphics and illustrations created by a DDA Medical graphic designer, and are now widely used as a key method for physicians to better understand copper toxicity and its effects, and how the CopperProof Diagnostic Panel can help evaluate patients with cognitive impairments.

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