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Custom Personal Health and Medical Record Systems from DDA Medical - Overview

DDA Medical’s HIPAA compliant servers and advanced programming technology creates secure personal health records (PHR) portals. By allowing patients to track their own health and medical records, they can provide physicians from any organization or network with valuable first-hand information to improve the efficiency and quality of care received. A PHR can also help to reduce or eliminate duplicate tests to deliver faster and safer treatment and care.

Custom Personal Health and Medical Record Systems from DDA Medical - In-depth

As major advances in medical technologies and procedures have developed and as healthcare professionals become more specialized, patients are turning to more organizations than just their family physician. As a result, it has never been more important to track patient data and personal health records (PHRs) in order to maintain a well organized database of patient information. As long-time medical technology professionals, DDA Medical has well over a decade of experience in creating highly customized healthcare information technology (IT) solutions that bring any healthcare practitioner or organization up-to-date with the latest electronic and computerized personal health records.


DDA Medical’s advanced in-house programming capabilities for healthcare IT allows us to store secure health and medical records in an online database to increase administrative efficiencies while cutting down costs and helping you go paperless. Patients can track their own health and medical records so that they can provide physicians from any organization, practice, or network with valuable first-hand information to improve the quality of care they receive. PHRs can also help reduce or eliminate duplicate tests, unnecessary medications, and provide a patient’s complete medical history to deliver faster and safer treatment.


PHRs can be highly beneficial to the organization and efficiency of your practice. Some of these benefits include:

  • 24/7 Availability: Electronic health and medical records are available to anyone with access to your database of patient information. When emergency doctors treat one of your patients, they can be provided a comprehensive medical history, prior test results, illnesses, previous treatments and so much more to ensure the patient is treated with the best care possible.
  • Complete Medical History: When patients visit specialists across town, or across the country, a personal health record containing the complete list of prior medications, family medical history, and laboratory tests will go with them. In turn, any additional tests by the specialist can be added to the health record instantaneously to provide all parties with the most up-to-date information possible.
  • Personal Reports: Physicians rarely have the chance to consistently monitor patient activity such as exercise routines and dietary habits. A patient’s own PHR offers the unique perspective that a physician would not normally have. Additionally, physicians can more easily monitor results for blood pressure levels, glucose levels for diabetics, or any other home tests that a doctor may prescribe.

Maintaining Patient Privacy with Secure Personal Health Records


DDA Medical understands that computerized health and medical records require state-of-the-art HIPAA-complaint security. That’s why we take every measure possible to ensure patient information is kept safe at all times. From personal login information and encrypted databases to HIPAA-compliant servers with 24/7 monitoring, you can rest easy knowing patient data is protected and privacy is preserved.


When it comes to providing healthcare IT for patients and increasing the efficiency of practitioners and organizations, there is no one better suited than DDA Medical. Contact us today to see how we can help you better serve your patients.


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