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Technology-Based Communication Tools for Healthcare Organizations - Overview

Whether your organization runs emergency care, a family practice, a large regional facility, or specializes in a niche medical specialty, it's likely that you have a network of physicians or clinicians to assist in the treatment of patients – so communication is essential. DDA Medical offers complete programming and interactive development services to assist in the communication between your facility and other physicians, patients, or other medical companies. With customized intranets and multi-site networking, you can openly and efficiently share HIPAA compliant patient information, provide training materials for the latest techniques or devices, or communicate the latest policies and information with your own staff.

Technology-Based Communication Tools for Healthcare Organizations - In-depth

Opening the lines of communication between patients and physicians, a network of physicians, or even departments within large healthcare organizations like hospitals can pose a dilemma. Healthcare organizations need an efficient way to communicate with dozens of others without causing disruption to the treatment of their patients. DDA Medical, an innovative healthcare information technology (IT) provider, offers complete programming and interactive development services to assist in the communications between your healthcare organization and other physicians, patients, or medical companies. With DDA Medical's custom solutions for healthcare IT communication systems, you can openly and effectively share patient information, provide training materials, or deliver policies and information to your staff and patients.


Since 1994, DDA Medical has been building customized and user-friendly tools that open the lines of communication and make information sharing easier. From administrative needs such as patient scheduling or refill requests to sharing private patient information with specialists, DDA Medical's communication tools create a streamlined path to instantly share and receive information.


With DDA Medical's communication tools and intranet portals for healthcare organizations, you can:

  • Successfully manage a well-organized database of patient information.
  • Easily search and edit patient data and exchange information with other specialists or clinicians.
  • Create a secure login system with varied levels of access to limit the amount of information certain members can view.
  • Grant patients low-level access to their own personal records and information.
  • Send news and updates across the complete network so that staff members, patients, investors, and anyone else is always kept up-to-date.
  • Store patient health and medical history on safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant servers to ensure patient date remains private.

DDA Medical is able to develop intuitive communication tools and networking sites that strengthen and improve your organization's associations. As with everything we build at DDA Medical, our communication tools are fully customized to the needs of your organization or practice. With years of experience in healthcare IT systems designed to help organizations run more efficient, DDA Medical is the perfect source to help your practice with technology-based management tools. Contact us today to learn more about our effective communication tools and other healthcare IT solutions.


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