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Data Management and Electronic Health Records - Overview

Every healthcare organization needs a simplified way to keep costs to a minimum while increasing administrative efficiencies and patient treatment effectiveness. DDA Medical builds custom data management tools to do exactly that. With a system that helps your healthcare organization stay paperless with an online database that is safe, secure and HIPAA compliant, patient information is at your fingertips like never before. Health records, medication history, patient schedules, family history, allergies, existing conditions and more can be contained in a database of patient information that can be accessed anywhere at any time. With DDA Medical's data management tools, you can spend more time focusing on patient health and less time on file storage and bookkeeping.

Data Management and Electronic Health Records - In-depth

DDA Medical builds custom data management tools designed for healthcare organizations to simplify and increase administrative efficiency and patient treatment effectiveness while keeping costs to a minimum. With great advances in healthcare information technology (IT), DDA Medical's team of advanced programmers can help your organization stay paperless with technology-based data management systems. Health and medical records, patient schedules, previous illnesses and checkups, and more can be contained in an online database that is safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant and accessible from anywhere and at any time. DDA Medical puts the focus back on patient health with advanced data management and healthcare IT services.


Data management systems integrate patient health and medical records with a centralized database to form one of the most cost efficient tools for managing healthcare information. With DDA Medical's fully customizable healthcare data management systems you can:

  • Store and maintain electronic health and medical records.
  • Provide easy accessibility for staff members, colleagues, or specialists, or simply generate and print reports to share.
  • Enable faster and better search and retrieval of vital data and generate reports in seconds.
  • Closely monitor real-time patient data and instantly provide updates to various departments.
  • Protect private data on safe and secure servers.
  • Streamline processes in various departments such as admissions, accounting, and human resources.
  • Collect an unlimited amount of data and information with custom solutions.

Personal Health and Medical Records

Data management systems can also be opened for patients to access and update their own personal health and medical records, or for physicians and specialists outside of your organization's network to provide updates, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information possible. Physicians will also have the unique ability to consistently monitor their patient's daily activities and medical status without the need for them to make regular visits to your office.


As a leader provider of healthcare IT systems for organizations, DDA Medical is one of the most highly qualified medical marketing agencies to develop solutions for increasing data management and efficiencies while lowering costs. With customized systems for collecting and maintaining health records and information, there is no company better suited to assist and develop precisely what you need. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more.


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