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Medical eCommerce Healthcare IT Systems - Overview

Selling over the counter medical supplies and drugs, non-regulated medical devices and nutraceuticals can be challenging. It requires the right sales tools, messages and information, along with user-intuitive eLearning and eCommerce capabilities that can only be created by a technologically advanced full service medical marketing agency like DDA Medical. Online promotion and eCommerce portals are created with unique designs and custom eCommerce applications that you won't find in off-the-shelf programs. Engaging print design and consumer oriented animations and videos can market your product and inform patients in the online medical environment or the waiting room. Marketing and branding are also essential tools to help introduce and grow new devices or services in the right venues. From award winning search engine marketing to advanced eLearning portals, there are virtually no limits when DDA Medical is your eCommerce marketing partner.

Medical eCommerce Healthcare IT Systems - In-depth

Many healthcare organizations looking to sell non-regulated medical devices and medical supplies will find it challenging to develop an eCommerce platform that is both user friendly and successful at promoting the products. DDA Medical, an industry leading healthcare information technology (IT) provider, has extensive experience in medical eCommerce systems, website design and development, and Internet promotion to assist your organization in the development of advanced and unique online solutions to sell your medical products.


Unlike most off-the-shelf programs, DDA Medical's eCommerce applications are fully customized to your needs. From simple administrative tasks to complex user searches, DDA Medical can streamline the process into a single, easy-to-use eCommerce solution. The benefits of our eCommerce systems include:

  • Creation for Non-Technical Users: DDA Medical can add intuitive administrative capabilities that make adding and editing products simple. Administrators do not need to know special coding or have advanced computer skills.
  • Customized Designs: The eCommerce shopping cart and store front seamlessly integrates with the marketing and branding efforts your organization has already put in place. DDA Medical’s team of skilled graphic artists will create unique, one-of-a-kind designs to successfully reinforce your brand image.
  • Product Control: Add or update new product images, define product variations, and view inventory levels for complete ownership and control of the medical products, devices, and drugs you sell.
  • Data Reporting: DDA Medical's comprehensive reporting systems can provide you with real-time data regarding the best selling products, conversion rates, most view products, how customers found your eCommerce site, and more.
  • Search Engine Integration: DDA Medical ensures your shopping cart and eCommerce site begins with a strong search engine marketing platform. Immediately after launch, or at a later date, DDA Medical's search engine marketing team will implement the right keywords and tags to help push your site to the first page of results on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

In addition to building a comprehensive and easy-to-use medical eCommerce system, DDA Medical's full range of services can provide successful promotion of your product line through engaging print designs or consumer oriented videos and animations. DDA Medical also has complete eLearning services to assist in the training and development of physicians and patients learning to use the new products. From award winning medical website design to advanced eLearning portals, there are no limits when DDA Medical is your medical marketing partner.


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