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Grant Application Portal - Overview

Implementing a grants application program doesn't have to be a troublesome process. Why? The answer can be found at DDA Medical.


With in-house capabilities that include custom website design, development, and advanced programming, the grant application websites we produce can ease the applicant submittal process and decrease your staff's procedural involvement.


You list the requirements and we provide the solution with a custom administrative design and development process that yields properly regulated and standardized applications.

  • Ease applicant submittal processes and decrease procedural involvement with DDA Medical.
  • Build systems that adhere to regulatory standards.

Grant Application Portals - In-depth

Implementing a grants application program doesn't have to be a troublesome process. There is a simple solution to providing users with an easy-to-use application form and for your healthcare practice to encounter a stress-free approval process – DDA Medical.


DDA Medical is an industry leading medical marketing agency with in-house capabilities that include custom website design and advanced programming to build healthcare information technology (IT) systems that ease the application management process. Our technology-based grant application portals are fully customized to your list of requirements and data collection needs and contain administrative controls that ensure properly regulated and standardized applications.


With a grant application portal by DDA Medical, you can:

  • Provide clear and concise instructions for applicants that they can access anytime through a user-friendly navigation system.
  • Ease applicant submissions with easy-to-use and clearly detailed forms.
  • Capture a range of custom data through drop-down menus, designated text fields, and file upload capabilities.
  • Decrease your staff's procedural involvement in the data collection process.
  • Limit user access to different areas of the portal until certain requirements have been fulfilled.

Each applicant can register to the grant application portal and edit or update their application at anytime, or even save their information and come back to it at a later date. Once the application is completed, all of the user information will be sorted and stored into an information database that can be accessed by administrators with ease. After the applications are reviewed and approved, automated messages can be sent to applicants detailing the status of their applications.


Customized Healthcare IT Solutions with Integrated Marketing Technologies

With fully customizable grants application portals from DDA Medical, implementing new programs is simple and efficient. And as a full service medical marketing agency with years of experience in healthcare IT, DDA Medical can add additional values to your grants application portal that no other company can offer. An integrated spokesperson video can provide explicit details that may be difficult for users to understand through simple text. Navigational systems and live help desks can immediately answer questions from users. And DDA Medical's proprietary search engine marketing services can help push your website to the top of the major search engines.


With an unparalleled amount of services, DDA Medical can provide you with the most extensive grants application portal that helps cut down the high costs of administrative needs and increases efficiency. From custom healthcare IT programs to promotion materials, DDA Medical is highly qualified to serve all of your medical marketing needs. Contact us today.


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