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Healthcare IT Patient Management Systems - Overview

Managing file folders and personal calendars can be a large hassle for any physician. Not only does it require a larger staff to keep files in order, but it can also cause some complications with overlapping schedules or incomplete patient information. DDA Medical's patient management tools allow you to easily track, schedule, and maintain patient data and records with a secure and paperless system. Our online management tools increase administrative efficiency and can lower your staffing costs – all with the added benefit of treating patients with the highest quality care.

Healthcare IT Patient Management Systems - In-depth

Managing file folders, personal calendars, and patient scheduling can be time consuming for any healthcare practitioner. Not only does it require staff time to assist in keeping files in order, but it can also lead to some complications with scheduling conflicts or incomplete patient information. Practitioners simply cannot afford inefficient patient management. DDA Medical is accustomed to creating healthcare information technology (IT) applications, including custom patient management software that will allow your practice to easily track, schedule, and maintain patient data and records with a secure and paperless system. Treating patients should be your number one priority, and DDA Medical's management care solutions will increase administrative efficiencies and make your schedule more manageable.


Like everything at DDA Medical, our patient management and healthcare IT services are fully customizable to your needs. Whether you need an efficient system for collecting and storing patient information, assistance in scheduling patient visits, refilling prescriptions requests, or all of the above and more, DDA Medical has the right options for you. Where off-the-shelf software fails in targeting all of your needs, DDA Medical succeeds with customizable fields for data collection, administrative control of patient information, specialized reporting capabilities, and more.


DDA's medical practice management solutions offer a powerful set of abilities:

  • Real-Time Reporting: Patient data and reports can be updated instantaneously and downloaded by anyone in your healthcare organization or healthcare network immediately. Large hospital organizations can easily share information regarding the latest testing or procedure results between departments and ensure that patient information is successfully relayed during transfers.
  • Generate Reports: Important patient data can be generated into printed reports or sent electronically to an outside network for referrals and consultations. Data can be downloaded on-demand with seamless effort and no downtime.
  • Patient Privacy: DDA Medical's patient management systems are hosted on one of our safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant servers to ensure patient information is kept private. Administrative controls and secure logins can also serve to ensure only qualified staff members are able to access patient data.
  • Patient Resources: When patients have questions regarding their health, practitioners can easily track and locate resources that can be electronically sent to patients or printed in the office. Patients may also be given the option to log into the patient management area to ask questions, request prescription refills, or schedule appointments, minimizing the administrative needs of your office and keeping the phone lines available for emergencies.

When it comes to healthcare IT management, DDA Medical offers the complete range of customized solutions to efficiently and effectively manage patient information and administrative needs.


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