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Patient Information Portals for Healthcare Management - Overview

Patient portals are healthcare-related online websites that provide patients with unified information from diverse sources and the ability to establish, update, and monitor their own personal health history. Patients may also be presented with the option to create user-specific and customized views so that they only receive the information most important to them. Portals can also provide easy access to appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, “ask the doctor” style communications, calendars, announcements, reports, or any of the latest updates regarding your medical facility, organization, or therapy.

Patient Information Portals for Healthcare Management - In-depth

As technology continues to grow, more and more patients are becoming Internet savvy. As a result, many have turned to the web for the flexibility and convenience of searching for information over waiting on the phone or making an extra trip to the physician. Never before has it been more important for your healthcare organization or practice to reach out to patients through the Internet. Here at DDA Medical, we have over a decade of experience in creating healthcare information technology (IT) systems to create simple and easy-to-use patient information portals to disseminate the right information and present your organization online.


DDA Medical patient portals provide the complete healthcare management system by integrating patients, physicians, and staff members into one centralized web-based system. A secure medical patient portal will allow patients to monitor and update their personal health records, create user-specific views to receive only information important to them, provide easy access to communicate with their physician, and more. The single patient information destination will keep patients coming back to your facility for not only the high level of care you can provide, but also for the convenience they are provided through the healthcare patient portal.


DDA Medical’s healthcare IT services and patient portals provide unique solutions to improve communication between the physician and patient, as well as make information easier to find. Some of the benefits of a patient portal include:

  • Personal Health Records: Patient portals can store personal health and medical records on a secure and HIPAA compliant server to keep the physician updated at all times regarding treatment, side effects, and medical history.
  • Health Information: Recent articles, updates to medical practices, and health information can be provided by physicians for the patient to view. Patients can stay informed and search for information pertaining to them, and you can be sure they are reading valid content. DDA Medical’s healthcare IT management systems also allow patients to create custom profiles so they view only the information most important to them for ultimate convenience.
  • Patient and Physician Communication: Communicating with your patients through a patient portal keeps the phone lines free for real emergencies and ease the pressure of your administrative needs. Patients can log into the portal to easily schedule appointments, request prescription refills, view calendars, announcements, or find any of the latest updates regarding your medical facility, organization, or therapy.

When it comes to providing your patients with convenient resources and information, health information technology and custom patient portals by DDA Medical excel in creating user-friendly systems to bring patients and physicians together. DDA Medical brings an extensive list of healthcare IT solutions for patients, practitioners, and healthcare organizations. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive list of healthcare services.


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