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Healthcare IT for Patients - Overview

Healthcare IT provides patients with simple and efficient ways to track their medical history and make their provider interactions and communication easier, clearer, and more efficient across the Internet. What you need is an easy way to help accomplish these goals with the most intuitive experience possible. With DDA Medical's customized healthcare IT solutions, managing one's personal health has never been easier. Whether following strict health plans recommended by a doctor or keeping in line with personal health goals, DDA Medical's health management tools can be the solution patients need. DDA Medical's growing list of health management services includes informational web portals, personal health records, tracker tools and a whole lot more. Best of all, DDA Medical's health management systems are fully customizable so that you can create the perfect solution that works best for your organization and your patients.

Healthcare IT for Patients - In-depth

Every healthcare practice or organization understands that the most important part of their business is providing patients with a high level of quality care – but it doesn't stop there. Creating an efficient system for organizing patient information and health records, decreasing the high cost of administrative duties, and managing patient health are also important. DDA Medical, a medical marketing agency with years of experience in creating custom programs for healthcare information technology (IT) management, is highly capable of creating an efficient system to help organize and manage healthcare.


When it comes to managing patient data and information, you need a reliable system that is safe and secure and provides you with 24/7 access. DDA Medical not only boasts the wide capabilities of a custom programming firm, but also has HIPAA-compliant and secure servers to ensure important information is always available and patient information is kept safe and secure. Physicians and clinicians from all over the country can be granted access to view patient information, which can be particularly helpful as a patient visits multiple specialists. The computerized medical records are automatically updated the second someone makes a change so that a complete network of physicians can be presented with current information.


DDA Medical Provides a Wide Array of Healthcare IT Applications for Patients


In addition to securely storing electronic health and medical records, DDA Medical is well-versed in creating healthcare management programs, applications, and websites such as:


Patient Portals: Patient information portals provide a multitude of resources for patients. Each patient portal allows users to register and create and share information. In addition, physicians or healthcare organizations can open the lines of communication by allowing patients the ability to request appointments and prescription refills, ask questions of their physician, and provide patients with news and updates regarding the latest medical advances as well as information about the practice.


Patient Tracker Tools: Tracking what work was done for which patient is essential to providing high quality care while keeping costs down. A well-organized patient tracker tool will enable your organization to avoid duplicate tests, have complete medical background information, and receive updates from other physicians who have provided treatment for the patient.


Web-Based Health Communities: Online health communities provide patients with an easy way to share and discuss medical information, treatment options, and care with other users all over the world. With forums, blogs, groups, and more, patients can learn from each other and provide support in the most difficult situations.


DDA Medical can provide your organization or practice with electronic methods to better manage healthcare systems for patients. Everything at DDA Medical is customized to fit your needs and the needs of your patients. Contact us today to see how our healthcare IT solutions can increase the efficiency of your practice.


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