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Online Physician Portals for Healthcare Management - Overview

Physician portals create a unified and highly informative website containing materials from a wide array of online sources. Physicians can have the option of creating user-specific or custom dashboard-like views and receive only the information most important to their practice. Portals can also provide physicians with simple access to upcoming events or conferences, training seminars, and the most up-to-date news regarding their medical practice.


In addition, physicians may opt to open their portal to patients so that they may receive the highest level of care possible. Patients may also be given the option to enter and retrieve information from their medical office, set up appointments, or ask questions without the need for a visit.

Online Physician Portals for Healthcare Management - In-depth

As more and more people are becoming Internet savvy, physicians and patients alike are turning to the Internet to find resources and information. Practitioners lead busy lives and prefer the flexibility and convenience of researching new information about medical procedures and drugs online instead of having to take time out to attend seminars or training courses. DDA Medical, a cutting edge provider of healthcare information technology (IT) services, has years of experience in creating physician portals that provide clinicians with resources to help improve the level of care they offer patients.


A physician portal by DDA Medical supplies a complete, streamlined healthcare management system that integrates eLearning capabilities with easy access for physicians to reach out to patients and colleagues. With a physician portal, you can monitor and update patient health records, as well as provide patients with the ability to update their records, create user-specific views that will cater to unique practices, and become a one-stop-shop for physician resources. In addition, a physician portal will add credibility to your facility or organization as you supply other physicians with product information, training course materials, or just help them keep up-to-date with the latest medical news.


DDA Medical's healthcare IT physician portals offer the unique ability to make valuable information easier to find. Other benefits include:

  • Personal Health Records: Physicians may keep secure personal medical and health records online with one of our HIPAA-compliant servers. Patients can stay on top of the latest news regarding their treatment or update the records to provide physicians with the most recent results from other practitioners.
  • Health Information Technology: Medical articles, revised procedures, and new medical device information can all be provided by physicians for physicians. Practitioners and organizations can continually ensure their staff is familiar with the newest technology to provide patients with the best healthcare they can offer. DDA Medical's physician portals can also feature custom profiles and dashboards so that specialists can see resources most important to their practice.
  • Communicate with Patients: Patient phone calls and scheduling can tie up the administrative efforts of your organizations. A portal can be opened to patients so that they may view the latest news concerning your practice, as well as schedule appointments, contact their physician, and request prescription refills – leaving you more time to focus on the patients who need person to person communication.

Providing a single resource of information for physicians is a valuable tool. Physicians from all over the world can log into the physician portal to read valuable news that will keep them informed on the latest medical technologies so that they can better serve patients. In addition to physician portals, DDA Medical offers an extensive list of healthcare management systems for practitioners and healthcare organizations. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive list of healthcare IT services we provide.


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