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Healthcare Management Systems for Practitioners and Clinicians - Overview

Healthcare practitioners must constantly balance patient care with new medical technologies from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers – all while keeping costs of running their practice under control. Organization and patient management should be a priority for any healthcare practitioner to help ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. For years, DDA Medical has provided healthcare practitioners with the support of custom programs and other technology-based tools to maximize administrative efficiencies, patient care and management. Additionally, healthcare IT solutions by DDA Medical helps practitioners stay current with the most up-to-date and accurate information to ensure patients receive the best treatment possible.

Healthcare Management Systems for Practitioners and Clinicians - In-depth

Healthcare practitioners must constantly balance patient care with new medical technologies, new procedures, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and patient administration and management - all while trying to keep costs to a minimum. Many require the needs of a comprehensive healthcare management system to effectively run the business and treat patients. For over a decade and a half, DDA Medical, a leading medical marketing agency, has provided healthcare practitioners with the support of customized and user-friendly tools to maximize administrative efficiencies and patient care and management.


With a complete range of services all under one roof, DDA Medical has the unique ability to create highly advanced healthcare information technology (IT) systems to help practitioners manage patient records and improve patient care. Our customized healthcare IT services ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest and most accurate patient information possible all while helping to organize data and provide 24/7 access.


Personal Health Records: Personal health records (PHR) are electronic file systems that allow your patients to establish and maintain health and medical records. Practitioners can also utilize access to these records to provide patients with the latest news in regards to their treatment or health status, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date information possible. Additionally, these records can be shared with specialists or emergency doctors in the appropriate situation.


Physician Portals: Physician portals by DDA Medical bring healthcare information from a variety of sources to physicians from across the world. Whether you are teaching medical students new procedures or simply providing resources, these portals can increase physician awareness to help them better treat patients on a daily basis.


Therapy Management: When it comes to managing patients through weeks of therapy, you need to ensure they maintain a continuous and effective method of rehabilitation. Our healthcare IT solutions help create and organize therapy schedules, monitor patient progress and compliance, and measure the outcomes and quality over time.


Safe and Secure Healthcare Information Systems

At DDA Medical, we understand that the privacy of your patients is important, so we take measures above and beyond the standard to ensure it stays that way. Private information can be locked with usernames and passwords for security while our dedicated servers are routinely backed up multiple times daily to ensure you never lose valuable information. They are also monitored closely and tested regularly to make certain they remain secure. In addition, our servers are HIPAA-compliant and comply with all medical regulations and best security practices for storing personal information.


When it comes to healthcare IT solutions for healthcare practitioners, there is no one more capable than DDA Medical to provide custom programming, interactive tools, and health records. Contact us today to learn more about DDA Medical's complete range of state-of-the-art healthcare IT solutions.


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