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Healthcare IT Medical Marketing and Advertising Solutions - Overview

As a full-service medical marketing agency, DDA Medical has the right tools to not only help with your healthcare management, but also promote your healthcare organization, service, drug, technology, or device. Years of experience in website design, search engine optimization, custom programming, video production, medical copywriting, medical illustration, animation, and more allows us to undertake promotional efforts effectively and professionally. Medical website and brochures need to be attractive and informative, but they will do little for your effort without the proper mechanisms to help patients find you. Search engine optimization can help push your website to the top results of major search engines, engaging copywriting and eLearning components will deliver the right messages, and branding will increase recognition of your products or services. DDA Medical is highly qualified to help deliver your message to hundreds or thousands of patients around the world.

Healthcare IT Medical Marketing and Advertising Solutions - In-depth

While the primary goal of any healthcare organization or practice is to help patients, you still need a way to draw new patients in and turn a profit. Much like any business, this requires a promotional effort to spread the word and get your name out there. As a full-service medical marketing agency, DDA Medical has the essential tools to help promote your healthcare organization, drug, services, technology, or medical device. With years of experience and a comprehensive list of services including website design and development, search engine optimization, custom programming, video production, medical copywriting, and more, DDA Medical can undertake any promotional effort effectively and professionally.


For well over a decade, DDA Medical has mastered the seamless integration of multiple services into original and compelling promotional pieces. DDA Medical is proud to offer a complete range of services including:

  • Website Design and Development: DDA Medical never uses cookie-cutter template sites. Every medical website we design is fully customized to your healthcare organization's needs. As more patients are turning to the Internet for information and as physicians rely more on Internet-based tools for communication, you need an informational website that helps patients and physicians learn and communicate. DDA Medical has years of experience in doing just that.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Medical websites will help give your organization an attractive and informative online presence, but it will do little for your effort without the proper mechanisms for people to find you. Search engine optimization by DDA Medical can help your website climb to the top rankings of the major search engines so that patients can easily find you.
  • Medical Copywriting: DDA Medical's staff of professional copywriters can help deliver the right messages to promote your organization, product, or services. In addition, our copywriters can create easy-to-understand content to assist in the development and retention of eLearning applications that train and engage users about your latest medical devices or procedures.
  • Medical Video and Animation: DDA Medical has a complete in-house video studio to develop fully interactive videos, 2D or 3D animations, or a hybrid of both that engages and informs viewers in new and unique ways. Video can be used to promote new products and services or used in an eLearning platform that engages viewers to help them learn information about your healthcare organization, practice, or device.
  • Custom Programming: Developing custom healthcare information technology (IT) systems and efficient patient management tools is second-nature to the experts at DDA Medical. Our advanced programming capabilities and secure and HIPAA-compliant servers bring patient information to the tips of your fingers for 24/7 accessibility.

Award Winning Medical Design and Marketing

DDA Medical has been honored with two different prestigious and unsolicited awards for website design and Internet technology and excellence in healthcare communication. The award-winning websites combined original website design with integrated video and search engine optimization. Additionally, DDA Medical was named one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States and was the only company named that also has a full range of in-house marketing services.


With nearly all marketing technologies under one roof, DDA Medical has the skills and capabilities necessary to create innovative promotional tools. Contact us today to learn more about the complete range of services we have to offer.


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