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DDA Medical Builds Custom Healthcare IT Systems - Overview

Healthcare IT is the latest buzz word and provides patients, healthcare practitioners, and healthcare organizations with comprehensive management systems. Use of healthcare IT will help practices become better organized and reduce health care costs, prevent medical errors, increase administrative efficiencies, and help healthcare practices go paperless.


As a medical advertising agency with years of experience in programming and design, DDA Medical is highly qualified to help you become more efficient with customized applications and resources. Our online servers and backup systems are also safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. So whether you need to track personal medical histories, manage scheduling, or provide better communication among a network of physicians – DDA Medical has the solution for you.

DDA Medical Builds Custom Healthcare IT Systems - In-depth

Healthcare information technology (IT) provides practitioners, clinicians, healthcare organizations, and their patients with complete management systems and solutions. Healthcare IT is designed to help increase organization and administrative efficiencies while reducing healthcare costs, preventing medical errors, and assisting healthcare practices in paperless records. Using computerized and electronic patient records, medical records, and health records, healthcare IT can easily manage thousands of patients to ensure they receive the best care possible.


As a medical marketing agency with years of experience in creating custom medical design and programming, DDA Medical is highly qualified to help you be more efficient through customized applications and resources targeted to your needs. If you need to track personal medical history, manage scheduling, or simply provide open communication between patients and physicians, DDA Medical’s healthcare IT services are the right solution.


Computerized Medical Records Keep You and Your Patients Updated


Custom healthcare IT solutions from DDA Medical are able to provide you with countless ways to improve medical communication and administrative capabilities, including:


Healthcare IT for Patients: Physicians and healthcare organizations can create simple and effective ways to keep their patient information and lines of communication open. Both patients and physicians can access pertinent patient health records to minimize administrative duties and increase the level of care. Patient portals or health communities can also provide information, resources, and contact information so that patients can reach their healthcare provider 24/7.


Physician Healthcare IT Management: Physicians have a tough balance to maintain between providing patients with the highest quality care and organizing their practice to run efficiently. DDA Medical’s customized healthcare information systems make it easy for physicians to manage patients, track data, manage scheduling, and more.


Healthcare Organization Systems: Large healthcare organizations, including hospitals and physician networks, need to communicate effectively to enhance efficiency and be certain that patients receive the best care, but organizing information can simply be overwhelming. DDA Medical’s team of custom programmers and medical information architects are able to create top-of-the-line promotional tools, data management tools, and communication tools to ensure that your business can focus on the patient.


Safe and Secure Patient Records


DDA Medical understands the need to keep patient information safe and secure. That’s why we invest in the latest technologies to ensure our online servers provide safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant systems to store the most sensitive patient information. All of our systems are routinely backed up and carefully monitored 24/7 to ensure your healthcare information systems are always available when you need.


With easy-to-use and customized healthcare management solutions, DDA Medical is ready to take your practice or organization to the next level. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more about the exciting management systems we can provide.


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