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Online CME Website Design and Development for Healthcare Professionals - Overview

If you are an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses but lack the resources to deliver information in an engaging platform, DDA Medical is your solution. Our experience with CME design and development is vast. We build eye-catching and informative tools, platforms, and programs that let healthcare professionals stay on top of the latest medical technologies.


With capabilities that run the gamut of eLearning technologies, media, and user experiences, no request will go unanswered. From medical illustration to virtual simulation, video and advanced programming, we are the source for professional and effective CME development and implementation.

Online CME Website Design and Development for Healthcare Professionals - In-depth

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is, and always will be, a large component of a healthcare professional’s career. From instructing nurses on industry regulations to relaying emerging medical procedures, it is the medical training mechanism that enables the advancement of knowledge across all areas of medicine. That said, much care should be taken when developing online continuing medical education programs. Many CME providers take a basic approach with CME development. They create slide-based eLearning tools that are dry and lengthy and fail to capture the interests of enrolled trainees. This is not the case when partnered with the eLearning developers at DDA Medical. We continuously generate highly-immersive CME courses that capture healthcare professionals’ undivided attention by putting to work a slew of multimedia eLearning technologies.


Though not an ACCME-accredited facility, DDA Medical builds the tools that make online continuous medical education a fast and effortless experience. From online registration to immediate CME certification, we possess the required in-house capabilities and deliver exceptional medical training program results. Here’s how:

  • An emphasis on design:¬†The graphic designers at DDA Medical formulate clean and attractive CME designs that emphasize navigational controls for an intuitive learning experience. Additionally, our staff is comprised of degreed artists who excel at medical illustration and animation.
  • Extreme programming capability:¬†DDA Medical can generate any desired eLearning experience with the implementation of advanced programming. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, advanced administrative databases complete with user tracking mechanisms and reporting, forms for immediate course enrollment, interactive quizzes for course accreditation, and eCommerce enabled registration.
  • A foundation in interactivity:¬†Experience has shown us that trainees learn best when actively involved in the learning process. As a result, all DDA Medical CMEs encourage user activity to ensure attentions’ are focused on the material at hand. With DDA Medical as your CME provider, demonstrate the use of a medical device with an advanced virtual medical simulation or illustrate a complex medical procedure with 3D animation. Then, test comprehension.

With DDA Medical, expedite the training process and engage healthcare professionals with multimedia eLearning tools. Our team of dedicated eLearning developers works closely with each client to ensure a CME that abides by industry regulations while redefining outdated approaches to training.


* DDA Medical is not accredited by the ACCME to provide CME. We do not take responsibility for validating the clinical content on a CME website; validation of clinical content is the sole responsibility of the ACCME-accredited provider.

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