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Online CME Website Design and Development for Healthcare Professionals - Overview

If you are an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses but lack the resources to deliver information in an engaging platform, DDA Medical is your solution. Our experience with CME design and development is vast. We build eye-catching and informative tools, platforms, and programs that let healthcare professionals stay on top of the latest medical technologies.


With capabilities that run the gamut of eLearning technologies, media, and user experiences, no request will go unanswered. From medical illustrations and HD video detailing a new device to an advanced virtual medical simulation of a complex medical procedure, we are the source for professional and effective CME development and implementation.

Online CME Website Design and Development for Healthcare Professionals - In-depth

Today, more than ever before, Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers are going digital. As healthcare professionals are notoriously pressed for time, online CME courses provide physicians, clinicians, and nurses the opportunity to advance their knowledge in patient care at any time and from any location. But has this transition to technology- and web-based training left your ACCME-accredited facility struggling to deliver on the promise of intuitive and engaging multimedia eLearning programs? If so, DDA Medical, the custom eLearning developers, can help. With years of online continuing medical education experience, our team of professionals builds interactive CME courses that effectively inform while complying with strict industry regulations.


DDA Medical’s comprehensive offering of in-house capabilities make us uniquely positioned to deliver any CME eLearning courseware request. From integrated video to detailed 3D animations, to virtual medical simulations, DDA Medical’s eLearning solutions are guaranteed to inform while maintaining high user retention. Some of our defining services include:

  • Custom programming for unique and interactive learning: Unlike many CME resources that develop template-derived eLearning systems, DDA Medical prides itself in its ability to deliver custom continuous medical education courses. By working directly with every client to assess and understand their needs, we routinely generate CME programs that are easy to use and provide the best in both user and administrative controls. Whether you are in need of an advanced administrative database with user tracking and reporting capabilities or require on-demand test submittals for immediate certification, DDA Medical will provide the answer with custom programmed training tools.
  • Professional graphic design and medical illustrations: Providing users with informative material is only half the challenge when developing eLearning continuing medical education courses. A clean and attractive design with supporting visuals is a vital element to successful training. That’s why DDA Medical specializes in the development of aesthetically pleasing graphical user interfaces (GUI) that ease course navigation. In addition to our expert CME design skills, we offer custom medical illustrations and digital photography crafted by professional artists.
  • Integrated video and animations for enhanced learning: Demonstrate the use of a medical device with a training video simulation or illustrate a complex medical procedure with a virtual medical simulation using 2D and 3D animation and modeling. DDA Medical’s video and production studio fulfill a multitude of multimedia eLearning requests, such as professional voiceover narrations, on-location video capture, editing, 3D animations, and much more.

Streamline Training with Continuing Medical Education Programs Designed by the eLearning Experts at DDA Medical

As your CME developer*, we promise to create medical training tools that expedite the training process; ensuring healthcare professionals obtain information faster in order to apply that knowledge for the betterment of patient care. Our vast resource of eLearning capabilities makes DDA Medical a CME developer you can count on for exceptional results. Not only are the technology-based medical training programs we develop well-designed and packed with proven multimedia training tools, our platform promotes interactivity for increased user involvement and the guarantee of material absorption.


* DDA Medical is not accredited by the ACCME to provide CME. We do not take responsibility for validating the clinical content on a CME website; validation of clinical content is the sole responsibility of the ACCME-accredited provider.

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