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Enhance Learning with Medical Training Simulations - Overview

It is no secret that in the medical realm, innovations in practice are commonplace and as a healthcare professional, staying abreast with the latest medical technologies and procedures is part of your personal responsibility. That is why DDA Medical offers highly immersive simulation training.


This interactive eLearning platform puts the user in complete control. With the ability to operate a virtual medical device or perform a virtual operation, there will be little to no questions when it is time for the real-world application of the task learned.


DDA Medical takes pride in our virtual simulation capabilities. With an in-house team of animation artists, graphic designers, and programmers, our experts are able to consistently deliver virtual medical simulations that are true to life. What this means for healthcare professionals is the best learning experience available, and most importantly for patients, the best medical care.

Enhance Learning with Medical Training Simulations - In-depth

In the past, hands-on healthcare training and education meant practicing on cadavers, laboratory animals, and patients. Today, advancements in technology-based training programs have redefined these expensive and sometimes controversial methods of medical training with simulation eLearning tools and courseware. With realistic web-based medical training simulations, healthcare professionals can hone their skills with interactive, lifelike eLearning solutions crafted by the expert medical simulation education developers at DDA Medical.


Whether utilizing a medical training video to demonstrate a particular scenario or opting for a custom-programmed virtual environment with complete user controls, medical simulation training can take on many forms; and at DDA Medical, we’ve mastered them all. Our custom simulation eLearning course development process incorporates a variety of multimedia eLearning training tools to achieve a learning platform that is immersive, engaging, and true to life. Once in place, physicians can simulate the use of a medical device and nurses can explore a virtual anatomy without the risk of potentially harming a patient.


Medical Simulation Training Tools and Approaches:

  • Video Simulations: With an in-house studio and a staff of experienced video technicians, DDA Medical is the healthcare community’s resource to effective medical training videos. Available video healthcare training services include editing, green screen special effects, and voice over narrations, in-studio or on-location footage capture, access to a diverse Actors’ network, and more.
  • Animation Simulation: In certain situations, video or photography fails to capture the minute details that are pivotal to obtaining procedure competence. At DDA Medical, we offer 2D and 3D animation and medical illustration simulations to define these hard to capture areas. From the inner workings of an organ to highly-detailed illustrations of microscopic cells, our professional graphic artists and animators can capture the subject matter with life-like precision.
  • Virtual Simulation Hybrid: For the ultimate training experience, DDA Medical creates virtual eLearning environments. As proficiency is obtained after extensive training and repetition, DDA’s virtual medical simulations provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to develop their skills before applying the learned material in real-world situations. And with DDA Medical’s advanced assessment tools, healthcare professionals can evaluate their level of comprehension through interactive quizzes and response provoking scenarios for maximum memory retention.

Promoting Improved Patient Care with Medical Simulation Education

In the medical world, a person’s ability to deliver services with exacting accuracy can mean the difference between life and death. The working environments are oftentimes stressful and fast-paced, demanding a highly-skilled and competent workforce. DDA Medical’s healthcare training programs with training simulations can help foster this competence by providing a platform in which trainees can repeatedly enhance and practice their skills.

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