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Hyperion's eLearning Portal with Certification


Hyperion's eLearning Portal

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This eLearning portal created for Hyperion, as a subcontractor through Premier Research, is a comprehensive interactive medical training tool for two forms of coma scale assessment. The goal of the portal is to standardize the Glasgow Coma Scale and West Haven Criteria rating systems for patients suffering from Hepatic Encephalopathy. DDA Medical’s video crew went on-location to a San Francisco hospital to film a physician rating patients for both forms of the coma scale. In addition, DDA Medical’s actors’ network and casting capabilities provided local actors to play both patients. The educational video was combined with a complete interactive quiz mechanism and scoring to provide accreditation for clinicians.


After viewing the video, users were provided with login information to view a website dedicated to the testing portion of this eLearning tool. User information is collected and gathered in an online database that also has reporting for the success or failure rates of the testing portion. Clinicians taking the test view a short clip of the patient’s response and score it based on the proper coma scale. For this project, Hyperion requested that users score 100% to be accredited. Any wrong answer forces the user the go back to review the material and try again later until every question is answered successfully. Upon completion of the testing portion, users are awarded with personalized certificates of completion that include each users’ full name and date of completion.

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