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Medical Interactive CD-ROM and DVD Development - Overview

CD-ROMs and DVDs have multiple applications and can be used for many different purposes. DDA Medical can create a professional, high-quality CD-ROM or DVD specifically to meet your needs.


The interactivity of a CD allows for the creation of a training program, with all of the same functionality of a website, in an easily distributed package. Users can take the program home with them, complete the training, and receive certification with a printable PDF certificate just as they would on a website. You can also track who is logging on, how much time they spent, and who received or failed certification.


Interactive environments with embedded links, animation, video, supporting text, and downloadable documents are also compatible on CD and are great for seminars or for handing out to select groups to provide additional details on your product, practice, or company.


DVDs are also great for easy distribution. You can create an entire trade show display around a looped video on DVD, or show during presentations or conferences. DDA Medical can also separate the video into chapters with a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy navigation.


DDA Medical also offers Blu-ray disc production or editing services for existing DVDs, to add text slides or credits, update voiceover narration, or integrate graphics or animation. Use other services to develop CD-ROMs or DVDs in multiple languages, with voiceover narration or subtitles, as well.


With DDA Medical’s CD-ROMs or DVDs, everyone has access to interactivity at any time.

Medical Interactive CD-ROM and DVD Development - In-depth

Interactive medical CD-ROMs and DVDs can be a great addition to any educational training/learning or promotional marketing/advertising package. Once distributed, your audience can navigate information in a way that works best for them and view at home or in the office at any time convenient with their schedule. Interactive marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical, offers CD-ROM and DVD development and production services to clients in the medical market. Whether distributed as a stand-alone piece, included in a package, or presented to a large group of viewers, interactive medical CD-ROMs and DVDS designed and developed by DDA Medical will help you convey the right message about your organization and will be the resource users turn to for valuable information.


Interactive Medical CD-ROMs and DVDs for Learning and Training

Between eLearning portals and online continuing medical education (CME) tools, advanced technologies are changing the course of medical training. Many of the options available are innovative and engaging, but can be cost-prohibitive for some marketing budgets. Medical CD-ROMs and DVDs are a cost-effective solution. From designing a user-friendly and appealing graphical user interface (GUI) to programming tests, tracking mechanisms, and other functional applications, DDA Medical is capable of producing all the components necessary to make your training programs successful. For example, we can develop a medical surgical nursing CD-ROM, so you can train the nurses and assistants of your medical center on best practices during complicated procedures. The interactive medical education CDs and DVDs we create will improve the safety and efficacy of your organization.


Interactive Medical CD-ROMs and DVDs for Marketing and Advertising

Today’s medical marketplace is more competitive than ever as pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies vie for the attention of customers and healthcare providers strive to acquire new patients. Among available medical marketing and advertising options, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs stand out as a result-driven device to promote products and services. DDA Medical will work with you to develop an interactive medical marketing and advertising strategy that prompts the response you’re looking for from your target audience. For example, we can develop a healthcare provider DVD, so patients can understand what services are available and the types of processes performed at a typical medical exam. With our video production services, we can create the script and storyboard, shoot on location or in our studio, edit the footage to include special effects, and integrate interactivity so that the presentation is not just a promotion, but an experience not to be missed.

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