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Interactive Medical Animation - Overview

When real video footage or textual information is not enough, consider 2D or 3D animation from DDA Medical.


Whether it’s to add another layer to your website or medical video, or for educational or learning purposes, medical animations are a great tool to keep your audience tuned in and engaged.


Our animations have enhanced the teaching of new procedures or methods of treatment by giving clinicians a point of view or an angle in a fluoroscopy they would never see in real life. DDA Medical has motivated and trained medical sales representatives by bringing an animated character to life and provided patients with a better understanding of their body and/or condition with innovative animated interactive tools.


With choices in 2D or 3D animation, you can get the exact detail and level of intricacy you need. Full animated environments can be created or animations can be integrated with video footage. Add animations to websites or mobile medical applications, supplement eLearning portals or quizzes, or use as a way to welcome visitors to your website. The possible applications of DDA Medical’s animation are nearly endless.


Make the impossible possible and enhance the level of interactivity with DDA Medical’s animation services.

Interactive Medical Animation - In-depth

Use interactive 2D, 3D, and hybrid medical animation designed by DDA Medical to put concepts into motion and add a heightened level of interest to any educational and promotional medium. For many, still graphics may not provide the right perspective and animated stock images may not be suited for a particular application. As a professional animation company and interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical creates custom interactive animations that range from complex surgical procedures to drug and device physiological response presentations to broadcast quality promotional spots. Tell us your concept or let us create an entirely new vision that will attract viewers’ attention and keep them engaged so that your message is visually and aurally conveyed in the most effective manner.


2D Medical Animation

Medical topics often deal with highly complex and detailed anatomical structures that, in live presentation, demonstrate such small degrees of contrast in color, texture, and other visual distinguishers as to be difficult to discern. Oftentimes medical topics deal with physiological actions which occur on such small scales that they would be impossible to portray through video or photograph. Other scientific methods of visually demonstrating such biological structures can produce imagery that can be difficult to interpret without a lot of prior experience. This is where 2D medical illustration and animation come in. Creating colorful, high-contrast 2D medical animations to clearly detail all the fundamental physiological structures and biological processes that need to be understood to advance medical knowledge in the viewer is a great way to ensure deep understanding from training videos and eLearning platforms of all kinds. Interactive 2D medical animations offers the added benefit of involving the user in the experience to ensure even greater retention of the medical information being conveyed. When you need to make complex medical topics effortlessly comprehensible, choose interactive 2D medical animation to get your message across.


Interactive 3D Medical Animation

Reveal detailed processes, products, or environments in high definition three dimensional (3D) animated renderings. From 360° product spins of a new medical device to show ergonomic features and scale to virtual environments that simulate real-life scenarios, DDA Medical’s interactive 3D medical animations are as impressive as they are informative. Whether we use the latest technology to develop 3D models from scratch and produce the texture mapping that makes them true to form, or we make use of your existing models, we can create a storyboard and animate them to seamlessly move from scene to scene.


Interactive Hybrid Medical Animation

Add more depth to your medical animations with interactive hybrid technologies. DDA Medical combines illustration with animation, audio with video, and interactivity with functionality for hybrid medical animation unlike any other. More than just an animation company, DDA Medical is an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency capable of developing hybrid animations in house, under one roof. Our graphic artists can create stunning illustrations that can be transformed through motion, or our multimedia developers can produce 3D models that look like exact replicas. We can cast actors/actresses, and voice-over talents, and film and record video or audio in our studio or on location for professional quality not found elsewhere.


DDA Medical has created remarkably accurate 3D medical animations for educational and promotional applications in a variety of medical fields, including but not limited to cardiology, oncology, gynecology, dentistry, medical devices, healthcare providers, and insurance carriers. With extensive experience and unprecedented skill, we are able to conceptualize and implement a winning interactive medical marketing and advertising strategy. Educate and inform using medically correct animations from DDA Medical.

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