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Custom Interactive eLearning Portals - Overview

When it comes to eLearning, there can be many obstacles to overcome. How do you present complex information so it’s easily understood? How do you stand out among all other eLearning options? How do you appeal to multiple audiences at once?


With DDA Medical’s eLearning portals, all of your worries are alleviated and your results maximized. Whether it’s for certification purposes, employee training, or simply informational, DDA Medical helps you to organize information in easy-to-navigate ways so that users can get what they need, while still enjoying a highly-interactive and engaging experience.


Our eLearning portals can be multi-tiered to reach out to several different audiences at once, can include a mix of media from video and medical animations to medical writing and voiceover narration, and each can have several different testing components. Information can be separated into different modules and organized so that the user can choose the topic they want or be presented or view in a linear fashion, so they have to complete one section before moving onto the next.


For comprehensive teaching tools, like that of a whole new medical procedure, we canĀ  incorporateĀ  a practice area, with separate quizzes and scoring, answer prompts, and integrated video, before moving onto the full testing area.


With DDA Medical, our goal is to always provide the most innovative and user-friendly tools possible, so our eLearning portals are like nothing you’ve seen before. We want to provide an enjoyable and compelling experience, stimulate minds, and encourage learning.

Custom Interactive eLearning Portals - In-depth

Planning and executing expensive in-person training seminars for medical sales representatives and clinicians based nationally and/or internationally is quickly becoming an archaic notion. Now proficiency and efficiency can be mastered through custom interactive eLearning portals designed and developed by interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical. In just one portal, multimedia eLearning tools work in tandem to create an interactive experience that promotes immediate comprehension and long-term memory retention.


How Users can Interact with Computer- and Web-based eLearning Portals:

  • Register for live medical webcasts or view them on demand.
  • Participate in interactive videos or simulations that demonstrate complex medical procedures.
  • Manage your training or educational progress through web-based tracking mechanisms.
  • Enter an immersive online environment that mimics an actual medical center, hospital, or practice.
  • Listen to or view online audio or video conferences on best practices.
  • Access eLearning libraries of courseware, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Communicate with other medical professionals through blogs, discussion boards, and forums.
  • Share relevant industry news, publications, and articles, and post comments on them to spark intellectual discussion.
  • Take quizzes and tests for certification and receive scores automatically.
  • And more!

Learning itself is inherently interactive as stimuli and information are sent and received by nerve receptors and the brain acts like a powerful processor, performing several activities, such as focused attention and peripheral perception, simultaneously. This natural cognitive ability is best displayed when the learner or trainee is able to interact with and access information in a way that best suits their individual learning preferences. At DDA Medical, the professionals of our interactive medical marketing and advertising agency will work with you to develop an eLearning strategy that works for your demographic profile. Information will be logically organized and multimedia, simulation and/or synchronous media when appropriate will be conceptualized for an advanced eLearning portal that is a solution to training diverse groups of learners quickly and effectively.

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