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Immersive Online Environments - Overview

When it’s all been done before, how do you truly distinguish your practice, company, or product from all others? How do you get your core audience to your website and keep them there?


DDA Medical’s interactive and immersive environment website development takes you outside the box of traditional website development to allow you to reach out to your audience in a way no one has before. Present complex processes or procedures so they are easily understood and wholly engaging.


The teaching tools can simulate real-life environments, designed specifically to connect your audience to the experience, break up information so users intuitively select the information intended for them, and use a combination of video and textual information to maximize retention and reinforce pertinent details; all while affording control to the user, so they can view the information they want as they want to see it.


There is no limit to what can be done and no set structure. With DDA Medical’s interactive and immersive environment website development, anything is possible. Whether it’s for a product launch, continuing medical education (CME), procedure training, to distribute public health information, for your primary practice website, or to introduce a new treatment, therapy, or procedure, these unique and innovative approaches to website development set you apart and offer a better user experience than most anything else out there.

Immersive Online Environments - In-depth

Transform Real-world Experiences into Immersive Online Environments

DDA Medical offers those in the medical industry the opportunity to transform a typical real-world situation into an extraordinary immersive and engaging online environment. Whether you’d like to imitate an actual purchasing process to train pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology sales representatives, or simulate a typical patient consultation at your medical center or healthcare practice, the possibilities are endless. The complexity of your online environment can range from a video spokesperson filmed on green screen and edited to include a photo-realistic, illustrated, or animated background to a completely simulated 3-dimensional (3D) virtual environment. With an immersive online environment designed and developed by interactive medical marketing and advertising agency DDA Medical, users will not only visit your site to find out information, but to immerse themselves in a compelling and comfortable online environment that mimics an experience one would have with your organization in real life.


Give Users Control of your Medical Website Environment and the Response will be Positive

Immersive online environments seamlessly integrated into a medical website design result in positive user experiences that translate into new patients, referrals, or investors; great information dissemination; or a robust eLearning platform. At DDA Medical, we will work with you to build a unique, user-friendly, interactive medical website design, that allows users to open and close, select or deselect, enlarge or minimize a series of items on screen; a video spokesperson that can be stopped, paused, played, or replayed at any time; or code to download and print items of interest or sync elements together for a full presentation. Giving users control of their online medical environment helps them to feel comfortable with your website and therefore with your medical organization, and allows users to find the information they want in the way that suits them best. Through viral medical marketing, one positive online experience can translate into countless new patient or customer impressions and acquisitions.


DDA Medical’s immersive online environments are examples of an interactive medical marketing and advertising strategy that can add to your business’ bottom-line and your organization’s credibility. Such interactive tools embody DDA Medical’s Interactive Integration™ as a combination of technologies merge to form a cohesive and engaging user experience. All services involved in development – from casting through the DDA Actors’ Network, in-studio spokesperson filming, medical website design and development, to animation and custom programming – are done in house by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Contact DDA Medical for an interactive environment where users are immersed in learning as they listen, read, and explore the information presented in a way that works best for them, all the while keeping them interested, and encouraging them to stay and enjoy.

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