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Integrated Medical Website Video - Overview

Imagine a website that allows the user to feel connected to the information being presented; to feel as though it is speaking directly to them.


With DDA Medical’s integrated video production, it’s possible to bring back that personal experience, that one-on-one communication, once again.


Do more than integrate a video spokesperson or animation onto your website. Teach, educate, and inform through the power of video. Use video as a way to introduce visitors to your website, have it serve as a gateway to more information on a specific topic, or help users to retain information by offering it to them in a way that they are comfortable and familiar with. DDA Medical can integrate video with content, put it in the center of a completely interactive environment, use it to reinforce training information, or build an entire portal around it.


Integrate video using multiple techniques, for a variety of purposes, and with many different results.


It’s not just about adding video, it’s about enhancing the overall user experience to effectively convey your core messages and receive tangible results.

Integrated Medical Website Video - In-depth

Integrating video within the structure of your medical website changes the environment from a static display of information to a dynamic, interactive experience that users will enjoy and remember. As an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical is capable of designing a unique and user-friendly website; and as a medical video producer, we’re capable of developing engaging video and integrating the video within a website for added online appeal and functionality. In-house, full-service, DDA Medical is the one source you need for the interactive media required to compete in today’s fast-paced medical market.


Ways in which you can use integrated medical website videos:

  • A video spokesperson can give your medical office, practice, center, or organization a professional persona and help guide users through the website.
  • Medical website introduction videos can serve as an executive summary of your pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology company or a comprehensive presentation of the healthcare services available at your practice.
  • Medical research videos can help you reveal clinical trial outcome data to the online medical community or breakthrough information to patients searching the Internet for an effective treatment to their condition.
  • Medical training videos can be the interactive strategy you need to train medical professionals and patients on the proper use of your healthcare products to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • Medical education videos can provide information about a disease or condition, its causes or symptoms, and available treatments, as well as explain how the prevalence of a condition demands that research be done in a particular therapeutic area to advance medical knowledge.
  • Medical video testimonials can be a great way to spread the word about the benefits of a treatment or the quality care your patients have experienced, so that your organization becomes a reputable and recognizable name in the medial market.

DDA Medical is the One Medical Video Producer You Need

At our interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, we’re not only able to design and develop your website, but our video production services allow us to shoot in studio or on location and professionally edit the footage with special effects and animation for a presentation compatible with DVD players, Blue Ray HD players, as well as for web streaming presentation. Conceptual scriptwriting and storyboarding services enable us to create and implement the video concept from start to finish. Through our DDA Actors’ Network, we’re able to cast the perfect voice-over or on-screen talent. All website and video production services are available in house and under one roof, so when you choose to outsource to an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, all you need to do is contact DDA Medical.

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