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Medical Interactive Multimedia Websites - Overview

When DDA Medical first opened its doors in 1994, the goal was to provide all digital advertising and marketing technologies under one roof. This was a revolutionary concept in a time that was just at the beginning of the digital age.


Now, many years later DDA Medical is the only vendor we’re aware of that offers so many capabilities in-house. This means you can develop innovative and cutting-edge multimedia websites that mix video, animations, medical illustrations, professional medical writing, digital photography, avatars, product rotations, virtual reality, virtual medical simulation and so much more for a truly interactive and entertaining experience.


The full range of technologies can be combined in an almost infinite numbers of ways to create unique, custom-designed websites that incorporate everything you want and need. Add an eBrochure or a downloadable version of your brochure, roll-overs that offer additional information or highlight pertinent details, an OnDemand video center, a video spokesperson, animations, professional medical copy, audio podcasts, archived webcasts, and-or patient portals, among so many more possibilities.


DDA Medical’s multimedia website development offers one-of-a-kind interactive experiences that are effective and allow your audience to not only learn but enjoy.

Medical Interactive Multimedia Websites - In-depth

Multimedia – text, audio, video, animation, illustration, still images, and interactivity – can significantly enhance the appeal and usability of a medical website design. Instead of giving users one standard, static way to navigate your website, multimedia provides them with the opportunity to explore the information presented in a way that works best for them. With high broadband speeds and over 98% of browsers installed with some sort of multimedia player, downloading and viewing multimedia content is easier and faster than ever before. But multimedia without purpose, strategy, or plan can be a significant waste of your time and medical marketing and advertising budget.


Establishing the Need for Multimedia

As an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical helps medical professionals – whether healthcare providers, physicians, and specialists, or sales representatives and marketing executives at pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology companies – understand the value of promotional or educational presentations through interactive multimedia websites. Combining rich media content into one online sensory experience can be a great way to explain advanced treatments to patients at a layperson level, demonstrate complicated procedures to surgeons focused on minimally invasive alternatives, or convey key messages on the prevalence of a given condition, encouraging the medical community to become involved in finding a cure. However, unless the content is properly organized and presented, it may be a costly and limited medical website design and development effort.


Realizing your Vision through Multimedia

Have an idea to create an immersive online environment that mimics the look and feel of your medical center or practice? Want to enhance your training program with an eLearning tool that includes video demonstrations, webcasts, tests, and/or simulations? Contact DDA Medical with your medical marketing need or advertising concept and we’ll bring your vision to reality. With a solid understanding of and years of experience with advanced multimedia technologies, we have the expertise and capability to develop and implement virtually any idea or concept.


Designing Multimedia Solutions

Unlike other interactive medical marketing and advertising agencies that work from predefined templates, DDA Medical offers professional multimedia services and creates custom medical website designs with features and online tools tailor-made to meet specific needs. For DDA Medical, if it’s never been done before, it’s no problem. Creating innovative and interactive design solutions that serve a strategic marketing purpose is what we do best. We will work with you to develop a plan that effectively combines text, audio, video, animation, illustration, still images, and interactivity into one medical website design that is as impressive as it is functional.

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