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Medical Interactive Simulations - Overview

When it comes to developing an effective training program or helping users to visualize and understand something that’s typically not easily shown, a medical simulation from DDA Medical can make the difference.


Our simulations have helped train soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan on the proper use and application of a product that stops severe bleeding quickly and sustains coagulation for hours. We can allow clinicians to perform a procedure virtually to familiarize them with a new technique and understand the intricacies of performing it, and take patients or consumers inside the production of a product, or through the administration of a treatment and the mechanism of action. Simulating real-life scenarios puts the user in the center of the action, making it easier for them to retain and repeat what they’ve learned, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your training and education methods.


DDA Medical uses animations, video, imagery, our custom programming services, and any combination thereof, to create simulated experiences that are specially designed to meet your needs and attract your target audience.


Whether it’s to aid in saving lives or in spreading public awareness, when it’s critical that your target audience have an intricate understanding of your product, treatment, procedure, or the information you’re presenting, our simulation services are the answer. DDA Medical offers hands-on-training in a virtual format that’s effective, user-controlled, and entertaining.

Medical Interactive Simulations - In-depth

Today’s advancements in simulation technology have paved the way to new and better training methods. In particular, medical simulation is one of the most exciting innovations in healthcare, helping learners practice tasks and processes as often as required to reach proficiency. DDA Medical is an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency, pioneering medical simulation by creating simulation technology and expanding application potential. Our interactive 2D and 3D medical simulation tools are designed to specification and can be formatted for online access.¬†Contact DDA Medical¬†with your training needs and we’ll design a custom simulation solution that works and is within budget.


Benefits of Interactive Medical Simulations Include:

  • Reduced real-life medical errors
  • Improved preparation for immediate response situations
  • Increased practice available 24/7 to enhance skill sets

By using 3D models, virtual reality, animation, video, and other rich media, we are able to simulate real-life medical or healthcare scenarios. For example, say you want to train surgeons on the proper procedure for the installation of a medical device just brought to market; we can create a virtual surgical scene that appears life-like and program the functionality that allows users to interact with the simulation tool as if they are the lead surgeon performing the procedure. Or say you want to train patients on correct treatment application so they can administer it on their own; we can create a 3D model depicting a typical patient profile and demonstrate treatment by giving users control of the tasks at hand. Virtual medical simulation gives users the hands-on training and practice they need to prepare themselves for real-life situations that require both their skill and hands-on experience.


DDA Medical designs sophisticated interactive online and offline simulations for clients in diverse medical markets. Let us lend our experience in medical and healthcare simulation to meet your educational or training needs. We’ll help you maximize today’s innovative technological advancements for an interactive medical marketing and advertising strategy that is sure to improve methods for teaching the practice of medicine and reinforcing best practices.

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