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Interactive Medical Video Production - Overview

Companies, organizations, and practices within the medical and healthcare IT fields have varying needs when it comes to video production. They may want to videotape a presentation, create a company overview, present a motivational piece to inspire medical sales reps, or demonstrate to patients the proper way to self-administer a medical product, device, or treatment.


That is why DDA Medical’s approach to video production, like all of the other services we provide, is custom. We offer a full range of services from pre-production to post-production and allow you to choose what you need to best accomplish your goals.


DDA Medical’s professional video production department has gone on-location all over the country to tape live procedures, testimonials, presentations, and training exercises. Our videographers are skilled in shooting live, high-quality footage in operating rooms or at a doctor’s or dental office.


Video conceptualization, medical scriptwriting, photography, on-location or in-studio videotaping, voiceover narration, casting, storyboarding, graphics and animation, editing, menu design, package design, website integration services are all available.


DDA Medical also offers a network of professional actors to provide on-screen or voiceover narration work when talent is needed.


Any style video you are looking for is available, whether it’s an infomercial, testimonials, a facility tour, or includes stock images, custom graphics, or is special-effects rich.


DDA Medical’s video production services allow you to express, communicate, and demonstrate exactly what you envision, from a company with the vast medical expertise that you need.

Interactive Medical Video Production - In-depth

Just as medical advancements improve treatment efficacy, technical advancements in video production enhance quality and interactivity. Today, medical video concepts have expanded from traditional lecture presentations to dynamic and engaging experiences, encouraging the user to get involved and keep them interested from beginning to end. Now the viewer becomes the participant. DDA Medical is a medical marketing and advertising agency always pushing the technological and creative envelope to provide custom interactive and multimedia solutions online and off that are educational and promotional. For the medical market, video marketing and advertising can distinguish your practice, medical center, healthcare organization, or pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology company from all others.


How Users can Interact with your Medical Video:

  • Utilize synchronous media to combine audio, video, text, and imagery in an integrated user experience.
  • Adjust variables and play a customized version of the video.
  • Converse with the video in a turn-based manner (command/response).
  • Explore space within a video by panning a 360˚ perspective while in motion.
  • Search for a specific clip as opposed to viewing the video in its entirety.
  • Add annotations, such as speech-bubbles, text boxes, links, and spotlights, to objects in the video.
  • Manipulate the position of objects in the video to set a different scene.
  • Insert virtual elements into a real environment.
  • And more!

With interactive medical videos, we’re able to display the professionally edited footage we take either in our studio or on location and apply the proper code and formatting to enable viewers to become their own video director. By using the latest video production, virtual and augmented reality technology and applying innovative video marketing and advertising strategy, our video producers are able to implement nearly any interactive concept you can imagine, each resulting in a positive viewer response. After enjoying a unique experience interacting with your medical video, users may be more inclined to participate with your organization – whether that is as referrals, researchers, clinical trial investigators, insurance carriers, patients, or medical sales customers.

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