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Interactive Medical Webcasting and Streaming - Overview

Gone are the old days of webcasting and video streaming.


DDA Medical can do more than sync PowerPoint slides with video footage from a conference, lecture, or presentation. We can create a full educational destination, incorporate a continuing medical education component with testing and PDF certificate, and add additional tracking and programming functionality. We can integrate video presentations into a 2D animated or photorealistic background for a much more engaging presentation, or seamlessly fuse slides and video together to create one overall media-rich experience.


Require users to log-in before viewing, track the number of viewers, or monitor certification. Allow users to control the entire presentation by giving them the choice of what they wish to view and how, or incorporate supplementary text and images for a more robust experience. DDA Medical can even create an entire destination of archived webcasts that’s search engine optimized to attract targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. 


DDA Medical can also record and stream live webcasts and videos and broadcast them directly to people who cannot attend the event. Our professional videographers can capture the speaker and the presentation at the same time and offer that for side-by-side viewing. Add in a live question and answer period where users can instantly email presenters who can deliver those answers in real time.


Give users more than just a talking head; allow them to interact, learn, and appreciate with DDA Medical’s webcasting and video streaming services.

Interactive Medical Webcasting and Streaming - In-depth

It’s not just good enough to be online. In order to capture an audience’s attention, your marketing and advertising strategies need to be interactive and engaging, extending your website or eLearning tool beyond a basic utility so that your target demographic can’t live without it. DDA Medical is an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency with extensive experience in building customized web applications that add to the convenience and efficiency of any organization. One of the many interactive marketing technologies we offer is medical webcasting and online video broadcast streaming.


How could you use webcasting and online video streaming?

As a medical professional, there are many reasons to use live and on-demand video webcasts. For those that have expanded their practice to include multiple offices at remote locations, you can use a medical webcast as a meeting tool (or webinar) to update staff and associates on interoffice changes taking place or regulations going into effect. You could use online medical video broadcast streaming as a promotional or educational presentation to new and existing patients, explaining your range of services, latest treatment offerings, and insurance coverage. Another way to use medical webcasting could be to reveal your research findings and outcome data on efficacy to an institutional review board for those participating in studies as clinical trial investigators.


Pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies are able to use international webcast services for fiscal discussions with investors or clinical trial evaluations with investigators based overseas. Medical sales representatives can use streaming technology to demonstrate advanced surgical procedures or human physiological responses to physicians when implementing their products. Today, webcasting and online video streaming technology can be used in almost any industry to fit any need – whether it is promotional, educational, or simply a way to interact and connect with others.


What are the features of DDA Medical webcast and broadcast streaming services?

As innovative webcast providers, DDA Medical can sync PowerPoint slides with video footage from a conference or lecture, and enhance the presentation by integrating supporting video clips, 2D or 3D animation, and photorealistic backgrounds for a media-rich experience second to none. To encourage real-time user participation, we can add interactive testing or question and answer components. By implementing a registration page prior to webcast viewing, we are able to utilize tracking mechanisms that record the number of viewers, monitor certification, and more. We can also record and archive your medical broadcasts to stream on demand for those unable to attend the live event. The possibilities for using live and on-demand webcasting and broadcast streaming in the medical and healthcare market are as diverse as the features offered through DDA Medical’s services.

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