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Jace Pharmaceuticals' Promotional Brochure, Trade Show Graphic and Video


Promotional Brochure


Jace Pharmaceuticals' Brochure


An effective brochure is not only designed well, but also written well. Slogans, headers, and motifs should be carefully crafted to bring across the right marketing messages for maximum impact. When combined with a stellar brochure design, you have a powerful tool that highlights a company’s unique services, products, and philosophy. For Jace, a national distributor of lifesaving pharmaceuticals, DDA Medical did just this, revamping their corporate identity and strengthening their marketing platform.


After meeting with the client to understand their business philosophies and services, our degreed writing department formulated engaging copy that was perfectly suited to Jace’s target audience. The established motif of “In Stock, On Time, and Secure” not only worked well for the brochure, but served as the foundation for future marketing projects that included a corporate capabilities video, tradeshow display, and website.


The striking design crafted by DDA’s graphic designers echo the key points of exceptional pharmaceutical services in an industry that demands uncompromising accuracy and fast deliveries. When combined with the copy, the end result was one that successfully conveyed Jace Pharmaceutical’s core capabilities and unique services.


Trade Show Graphic

Jace Pharmaceuticals’ Trade Show Graphics

Standing out amongst the numerous exhibitors at a large international trade show takes more than a seasoned sales professional. You must first draw attention to your booth and there is no better way to do so than with attention grabbing trade show graphics that effectively communicate your corporate identity and value proposition.


For Jace Pharmaceuticals, DDA Medical utilized a linear design that expressed Jace's commitment to streamlined services that always exceed customer expectations. Furthermore, the layout complemented two strong promotional pieces, also created by DDA Medical: a brochure and video that further positioned Jace as an exceptional provider of pharmaceutical supply services.


Trade Show Video


Jace Pharmaceuticals’ Video


After experiencing success with DDA Medical's brochure development service, Jace Pharmaceuticals turned to us for the production of a corporate capabilities tradeshow video. In a few short moments the client wanted to attract attention to their company's extensive list of pharmaceutical services and capture the attention of passing tradeshow attendees. We answered with a powerful script that addressed the appropriate medical audience and video graphics that highlighted the defining services of Jace Pharmaceuticals.


Featuring a professional voiceover narration from one of DDA Medical's talented actors, the final piece was professional, engaging, and achieved the end result Jace desired. It was so well received, that it was formatted for web use and cross-purposed as a central feature on Jace’s medical website, also designed by DDA Medical.


Services Used:

  • Brochure Design
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Trade Show Graphic
  • Trade Show Video
  • Video Production
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