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Kidney Cancer Institute Physician Interview and Patient Testimonial Videos

Physician Interview Video


Kidney Cancer Institute Interview Video


Dr. Landman, of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Kidney Cancer Institute, wanted to add some new and dynamic elements to his website, which was designed by DDA Medical. Knowing that DDA Medical was fitted with a complete in-house video studio and had capabilities to take the studio on-location, Dr. Landman decided to travel to Maine for an on-location interview with his patient. DDA Medical took all the necessary video equipment, including a high-definition (HD) camera, to film the interview between Dr. Landman and his patient, who had been treated for kidney cancer using cryotherapy.


The conversation between Dr. Landman and his patient gave a real-life, unscripted account of the kidney cancer treatment from diagnosis to recovery. Once back in the studio, DDA Medical edited the complete interview down to a more succinct length that better holds the viewer's attention. During question transitions, DDA Medical added text titles to help make the topics more discernable provide the viewer with a more memorable experience. The end result is a professional video that helps to explain kidney cancer treatment to prospective patients from the patient point-of-view.


Patient Testimonial Video


Kidney Cancer Institute Testimonial Video


Dr. Landman, a surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and founder of the Kidney Cancer Institute, wanted to enhance the user experience of his DDA Medical designed website with a patient testimonial video. The goal of this video was to supplement the current text-based testimonials with an engaging video testimonial that would add a dynamic element to the page. A DDA Medical video production crew went on-location to Maine to meet Dr. Landman and his patient. The patient provided an unscripted testimonial about his experience with Dr. Landman and the outcome of his kidney cancer treatment. Multiple takes were filmed and Dr. Landman chose a complete, uncut testimonial for his website. DDA Medical edited and formatted the testimonial for the Web and hosts it on DDA Medical servers.


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