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KCI Sales Rep Interactive eLearning Tool with Game/Award Features


KCI eLearning Tool


DDA designed this eLearning platform for Kinetic Concepts, Inc., an advanced wound care product manufacturer. The online platform included custom-designed interactive quizzes courtesy of DDA and a generous assortment of multimedia training materials. The platform delivered content to over 1,000 sales associates based on their specialty and region while also tracking the best performers in these categories on a leader board, helping to increase engagement with the tool through friendly competition.


A custom-programmed administrative area was created by DDA to allow KCI to manage access to the platform, track usage, generate reports, populate quizzes, and send out mass email communications. The platform reported, among other items, the date of last log in for each user (keeping track of which users had completed their training earliest) along with each user’s quiz scores. DDA ensured active participation on the training module by designing an intuitive navigation system with a number of special interactive features, all housed within an elegant, custom DDA-designed GUI that helped to further expand the KCI brand.

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