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Keystone Center’s Behavioral Health Patient Brochure and Corporate Folder Design and Production


Behavioral Health Patient Brochure


Keystone Center's Brochure Folder


KeyStone Center wanted to create a new brochure with a significant amount of content about their rehabilitation and addiction programs so that people considering their recovery centers could have all the information they need. DDA Medical’s team of graphic designers created a unique brochure design that included a folder with five step-down inserts that allowed for a considerable amount of well organized information for the prospective patient. The folder was designed using consistent styles, images, and colors that have created brand recognition for KeyStone Center for several years. Additionally, DDA Medical provided on-location commercial and architectural photography services to supply high quality images of the KeyStone facility.


Within the folder package are five pages that discuss specific services and programs offered by KeyStone Center, such as residential treatment for compulsive gambling or sexual addiction. Each page is filled with content related directly to the main service category to provide the maximum amount of information for prospective patients or families of the patient. Each insert page is a different size to provide tab-like accessibility to each of the five pages. The overall design provides KeyStone Center with an informational brochure presented in a unique way to engage people and teach them about the benefits to KeyStone’s services.


Corporate Folder Design


KeyStone Center Company Folder


The KeyStone Center needed to provide succinct and relevant content for people considering enrolling in their addiction recovery center. However, they needed a brochure design that could hold significantly more informational content than the standard trifold brochure. They turned to DDA Medical to create a one-of-a-kind brochure that would be able to hold all of the information needed. DDA Medical’s team of graphic designers came up with a truly unique design using a folder with five step-down inserts. The folder and inserts were designed to keep the brochure design uniform with KeyStone Center’s branding and marketing strategies, using similar styles, imagery, and colors. DDA Medical was also able to provide on-location commercial digital photography services to supplement the brochure with images of the KeyStone Center facility.


Inside the folder is a unique series of five waterfall stepped pages. Each page discusses a specific treatment service provided by KeyStone while the cover and interior of the folder provide the general overview of what KeyStone can offer. The interior inserts are all cut different to create tab-like effects that clearly outline the information found within each page. The end result is a complete informational guide for prospective patients and their families organized in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

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