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KeyStone Center Behavioral Health Direct Mail Patient Card, Trade Show Graphic, Table Cover and Trade Display Ad


Direct Mail Patient Card


KeyStone Center Direct Mail Card


The KeyStone Center, an addiction rehabilitation facility, wanted to find a way to thank clinicians who referred patients to their facilities. DDA Medical was hired to create a set of two cards that would be used for this very purpose. The card shown, from the KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU), mixes on-location photography with simple text and colors that matched KeyStone’s various marketing materials developed by DDA Medical. The inside of the card is left blank so that KeyStone Center staff can write a personalized message to the referring physician or facility. DDA Medical printed the card on high quality card stock. The result is a professional card that provided a sincere note of thanks to clinicians.


Direct Mail Thank You Card


KeyStone Center Direct Mail Card 2


This “thank you” card designed for KeyStone Center, an addiction rehabilitation facility, aimed to thank physicians and organizations who referred patients to the KeyStone Center for treatment. DDA Medical, who has a long-term relationship with KeyStone, was hired to create two different cards. This card is geared toward the general KeyStone Center facility and made use of colors and imagery that correlated with marketing and branding materials already created by DDA Medical for KeyStone. The card was printed on high quality stock and remained blank on the interior fold so that a personalized message could be written to the referring clinician. The final card not only thanked clinicians for their referral, but also encouraged them to keep KeyStone Center in mind the next time they need to seek help for a patient.


Trade Show Graphic


KeyStone Center Trade Show Graphic


When the KeyStone Center wanted to create a new trade show exhibit for their extended care unit (ECU) treatment facility, they came to long-time partners DDA Medical. The goal of this trade show project was to combine carefully selected imagery and colors to create a corporate identity that effectively promotes their services to people with addictive behaviors, thus encouraging them to review the treatment opportunities available at KeyStone Center. This particular graphic focused on the treatment for sexual compulsivity and trauma using the slogan “unlocking doors” and an image of the DDA Medical designed key was included as it has been throughout multiple marketing efforts for a number of years. This trade show graphic was part of a smaller size booth that also included a table cover designed by DDA Medical and other print materials. The end result is a consistent marketing message with graphics that helped reinforce KeyStone Center’s brand recognition.


Trade Show Table Cover

KeyStone Center Table Cover


KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU) wanted to create a uniform trade show booth with graphics and print materials. Part of this display involved a table that they wanted a custom table cover design for. DDA Medical, who was hired to design and print all aspects of the trade show graphics, created a simple yet elegant table cover that works to create a calm and professionally engaging display. The design features text and images similar to the design of the accompanying trade show graphic and print materials to maintain consistency in the overall look of their marketing and branding. The table cover design added the final touch to the attractive display.


Trade Display Ad


KeyStone Center Trade Ad


KeyStone Center needed a tradeshow ad that featured their residential treatment facility for patients dealing with addiction. Because DDA Medical had already played a large role in helping to create a successful marketing and branding campaign, KeyStone Center once again turned to its agency of record. The ad features photographs of the KeyStone Center facilities, taken by DDA Medical’s commercial photography department, and bullet point information highlighting the benefits of KeyStone Center’s program and history.


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