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Lightsphere Diagnostics develops innovative testing methods for the medical research industry, and they needed a new website to act as a center piece for their campaign to attract new investors. Lightsphere, a subsidiary of DDA Medical's client, the ChemImage Corporation, had developed a new in-vitro diagnostic blood serum assay test for colorectal cancer, and they worked with DDA Medical to create a website that would detail the benefits and advantages of the new testing method. Technical medical content about the new diagnostic test needed to be presented in a clear, concise, and attractive manner within an easy-to- navigate interface. The website also needed to attract interest from potential patients as well, so seamless access across all browsers and devices was a key concern.

As a leading developer of custom mobile applications, DDA Medical has detailed experience with the latest website protocols, and opted to create a responsive website design for Lightsphere Diagnostics’ new testing process. Responsive website design automatically identifies the specs of a user’s device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, and dynamically adjusts the screen size to present website content optimized specifically for their browser and device.

All of DDA Medical-developed websites are designed to leverage the inherent value of the content with a search engine optimized platform that drives traffic to the website. DDA Medical created a unique parallax-scrolling design for Lightsphere, with layers of scrollable content on top of three large background images. To facilitate navigation, everything is presented on one long page, and a fixed menu superimposed on top of the browser screen allows users to quickly access any website topic.

DDA Medical’s solution resulted in a polished, elegant, and cross-platform optimized responsive website that reflects Lightsphere Diagnostics’ image of professional integrity.

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