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DDA Medical designed, produced, and developed the XTRA ATS eLearning platform for LivaNova in 2019. The client had previously relied upon in-person training to get their customers up and running with the industry-leading XTRA autotransfusion system, and wanted to create a standardized approach that would offer training from any location while also drastically reducing the labor and travel expenditures required of in-person training. LivaNova and DDA Medical decided that a video-based medical device training course would be the perfect way to instruct new customers on the setup and operation of the XTRA ATS for intraoperative, pre-operative, and post-operative blood sequestration and reinfusion.


DDA Medical created a project development center outlining all the steps of the project as well as documenting the structure of its content. DDA Medical then received the scripts from the client, starting with the script for the introductory whiteboard animation that begins the course, giving the trainee a broad view of how the XTRA ATS functions in intraoperative blood recovery. A hand illustrates each component of the blood recovery circuit between patient and device as a voice-over narration explains the functioning of each component. DDA then designed the clean, uncluttered user interface that keeps the focus as strongly on the central video presentation as possible, while keeping navigation on the top menu bar effortless. Next, DDA Medical received all scripts for the voice-over narration and refined for clarity and precision. These scripts were then synchronized with shot lists for each video clip, along with accompanying textual content, so that the full plan for the multimedia presentation of the main course modules was envisioned before shooting.


LivaNova Medical eLearning


Once finalized, DDA planned two full days of shooting at its studios using a professional demonstrator of the machine. DDA Medical also recorded all the voice-over narrations for the course content at its recording studios using talent chosen from its own Actors' Network. The videos were then edited according to the coordinated script and shot list, with accompanying side textual content highlighting the key points as they are spoken in the voice-over narration to reinforce the on-screen actions. Additional graphics and on-screen texts were incorporated to drive home key points. The course automatically progresses within each section of each of the four modules, with pauses in between sections to indicate to the user the important topic shifts. The course ends with a 15-question multiple choice test that pulls randomly from a larger pool of over 30 questions, allowing for new tests between users and between testing attempts for those that don't pass on their first try.


LivaNova Video-Based Medical eLearning Website Dashboard


The dashboard also includes an animated progress tracker that uses the centrifuge bowl as the meter, with rising liquid in the bowl matching the percentage of the course complete. Users can click this tracker to resume where they left off at any time. A Quick Start video is included from the dashboard to allow users to bypass the full course for a fast review of the most basic usage for those that want to operate the ATS machine as soon as possible. The dashboard also includes an option to view an entire menu of all video clips labeled by module, section, and individual topical title to let users reference specific content at will. An administrative area allows LivaNova to set up registration codes that allow access to the platform. Codes can be set up for employees or customers, can be set for single use only, and can be set with expiration dates to better control access. A global metrics reporting area allows administrators the capacity to review responses on each individual question making up the test. These results can then be filtered by time period, function in health care, and main surgical specialty. User management is also included, allowing administrators to add new users, edit existing users' information, and granting admin rights to designated users.


The platform was launched in the US in early 2019 and has been enthusiastically received. While designed initially for the US audience, LivaNova quickly moved to push its use globally after observing the incredible value. DDA continues to work with LivaNova to expand the course content and capabilities to add further value to an already comprehensive multimedia medical eLearning platform.

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