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Laser Spine Institute Live Video Webcast

Laser Spine Institute Webcast


Laser Spine Institute wanted a brand new way to reach patients with spine problems, provide information about their facilities and laser spine procedures, and open the lines of communication with a question and answer segment. DDA Medical sent a video crew on-location to Laser Spine Institute’s Tampa, Florida location to film and stream the hour long webcast. Laser Spine Institute is accustomed to making presentations and lectures all over the country, but they wanted to bring the rest of the country to them. By providing a live webcast on the Internet, users from all over the country can view and learn through their Internet browsers. Response from viewers was positive, and many provided grateful feedback by thanking Laser Spine Institute for presenting helpful information and answering viewer questions. The webcast was later archived in an on-demand format to all anyone who could not view the live webcast to watch the entire presentation at any time. The patient information presentation helped add credibility to Laser Spine Institute’s facilities and physicians by providing the information that people need through an open and easy-to-use interface and will surely increase Laser Spine Institute’s patient acquisition.


Services Used:

  • Live Webcast Design
  • Streaming Webcasts
  • Educational Video
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