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LSVT Global is an international developer of innovative therapy solutions for Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. The LSVT LOUD® is a new speech therapy treatment for Parkinson’s patients, who are often too quiet and inarticulate to understand. DDA worked with LSVT Global on a mobile medical application with several key goals. LSVT Global wanted to set up an online administrative guide, promote the new LSVT LOUD® treatment method among potential clinicians, and encourage them to become certified in its administration. The new custom mobile medical application would guide clinicians and patients through a one-month, 16-session program.

To make the LSVT LOUD® Mobile Medical Application as easy to use as possible for its older, most likely demographic, DDA Medical designed a contemporary app featuring big, bold buttons for navigation, large simple images, and large text. The LSVT LOUD® mobile medical app was also designed for full iPhone® and Android™ compatibility to reach the largest pool of potential users. Content for the LSVT LOUD® treatment sessions is outlined. DDA Medical created informative illustrations to convey the essentials behind the importance of breath support, articulation, and the overall effort necessary to being heard by others. A full calendar of scheduled therapeutic sessions allows clinicians and patients to keep track of their progress. Dated notes in their homework log allow users to save work in between sessions for later review. The app provides links to online resources, including additional LSVT LOUD treatment materials, and reimbursement codes to help facilitate billing.

To ensure that professional standards are enforced, the LSVT LOUD® Mobile Medical Application is password protected so only certified LSVT LOUD clinicians are granted access to the clinician-specific features of the mobile medical application.

DDA Medical is pleased to work with LSVT Global in their continued efforts to improve the lives of patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions affecting speech. The final application was launched on the Apple App® and Google Play™ stores in 2016, and is sure to have a positive effect on the future of speech therapy.

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