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Search Engine Marketing - Overview

Search engine marketing remains, in our opinion, one of the most misunderstood and most important issues in all of advertising and marketing today. When done correctly, it can become a very powerful tool and a primary source for attracting new customers, clients, patients, or clinicians to your website. But very few service providers understand the intricacy and details involved, and offer all of the pieces necessary to achieve success. DDA Medical has evolved, over our extensive history, a proprietary search engine marketing website development process that will help you to achieve top rankings in the major search engines and drive targeted organic website traffic to your website. Our search engine marketing websites, like patient and physician acquisition websites, are built to compete, and are based on extensive keyword research of actual search patterns, so that we're not only increasing traffic but conversions as well. DDA Medical offers a full-range of search marketing services including search engine optimized content development. We have even taken it a step further with the Big IDea™, by building information destinations that are bigger, easier to use, and include more search engine marketing techniques and advanced programming than any other website out there. DDA Medical can also build search engine marketing tools for patient information and referral services so that patients searching for the services, products, and treatments you offer, will find you. DDA Medical’s search engine marketing website development and search marketing services changes the game on how you attract and market to your core audiences, making the process much simpler and vastly more effective.

Search Engine Marketing by DDA Medical - In-depth

Healthcare practices and organizations need search engine marketing to build their online presence and capitalize on the millions of Internet users searching for medical information and resources. With DDA Medical, our goal is to build an online destination that not only garners attention on the Web, but also converts clicks to patients to help your organization grow offline.


Over the years, DDA Medical has developed a proprietary 18-step process that creates real results on the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. We begin search engine marketing with in-depth research to analyze traffic patterns and search terms that are relevant to your medical practice or organization. Then our team of search engine specialists and graphic designers develop websites that are user-friendly and built on a strong platform for optimization. Our staff of in-house degreed copywriters are available to write highly optimized, keyword-rich content that meets the specific needs of search engines while remaining engaging for readers. All of this work comes together to develop a strong website that ranks well in the major search engines.


DDA Medical is an Award Winning Search Engine Marketing Firm

DDA Medical has been named one of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. by an independent organization, Goldline Research. Our comprehensive and award-winning search marketing services includes natural search engine optimization, developing optimized content, building custom websites, and pay per click search marketing. Each of these services is designed to drive targeted traffic to your healthcare organization’s website and turn visitors into patients or customers. For DDA Medical, building an effective search engine marketing platform is about developing long-term success, implementing ethical optimization tactics, and sustaining natural growth over time to build credibility for your practice or organization.


Since the mid 1990s, and well before terms like search marketing or keywords were common, DDA Medical was pioneering and implementing strategies to push websites to the front page of major search engines. DDA Medical continued this work into the new millennium by organically building optimized websites that were receiving hundreds, and even thousands, of first-page Google, Yahoo!, and MSN rankings. So when we proudly say we are search engine marketing experts, we mean it.


But DDA Medical is also not just a search engine marketing firm. We are a full-service medical marketing agency with the complete range of services including graphic design, video production, custom programming, copywriting, medical illustration, and more all in-house. Each of our services is complementary to the next and can be combined to develop fully integrated marketing solutions that teach, train, and engage patients, physicians, and medical manufacturers. Contact Us today to learn about all of the benefits of search engine marketing and the diverse range of medical marketing services we offer.

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