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Interactive Medical Marketing and Advertising - Overview

Interactive medical marketing is about engaging your core audience, grabbing and retaining their attention, and making them feel like they’re a part of the experience, rather than just an observer. Whether you are trying to explain complex processes, unveiling a new product, treatment, or procedure, or providing an educational or informational platform, DDA Medical offers innovative and unique approaches designed to entice audiences and provide a level of sophistication and innovation beyond what is commonly offered. Our full range of interactive capabilities includes medical webcasting and video streaming –  live or archived –  integrated website video production, multimedia website development, our own Immersive Environment website design and development, 2D and 3D animations, eLearning portals, and virtual medical simulation tools. Regardless of your needs, we can help you create something that is professional, effective, and unlike anything else out there.

Interactive Medical Marketing and Advertising - In-depth

Today, traditional advertising (where the viewer is the observer) is rapidly being replaced by interactive advertising (where the viewer is the participant) and medical marketing professionals are advised to take notice. Interactive Integration™ has long been part of the DDA Medical approach. Our interactive medical marketing and advertising strategy combines multimedia technologies to attract and retain human interest – whether that is in educational or promotional platforms. As a rich interactive media developer, our work consists of customized solutions for a broad range of challenges that face the medical community at large. If it’s never been done before, we welcome the opportunity.


Engage Consumers in your Medical Marketing and Advertising Message

Using innovative integrated medical marketing technologies, DDA Medical is able to revolutionize direct-to-physician and direct-to-consumer medical marketing and advertising. Our professionals can create multimedia tools that allow users to tailor the advertising to their preferences so they see and hear what they want in a way that suits them best. Essentially, through their interactivity, they create their own advertising. And once engaged, the bond between them and your practice, medical center, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device company is formed and strengthened.


Allow Consumers to Experience your Brand in a Non-commercialized Environment

Whether your customer list includes referrals, researchers, physicians, patients, investors, or colleagues, all are inundated with choices in the buying process of medical products or healthcare services. Unless an advertisement peaks their interest or a recommendation has been received by a trusted friend, consumers will pay little attention to your medical brand. DDA Medical is an interactive medical marketing and advertising agency that knows how to help consumers get acquainted with your medical organization, product, or pharmaceutical through innovative multimedia applications. And once familiarized, they will feel more comfortable with their healthcare decisions.


Conduct Research among Groups of Consumers

The actions of those who participate in your medical advertising through interactive media can serve as a valuable medical marketing data source. Interactive multimedia technologies designed by DDA Medical can be developed to include tracking mechanisms that record traffic, monitor user movement, and identify user response, giving you insight into how to appeal to the wants and needs of your demographic profile. And once analyzed, the information collected through group-based user interaction will help strategize future medical marketing and advertising campaigns.


Empower Consumers to Co-create New Medical Products and Healthcare Services

DDA Medical is a rich multimedia developer capable of designing interactive tools that empower users to formulate new products and services through choice, command, and response actions. Furthermore, the research that is obtained through user interaction can help define the development of a new medical device or a healthcare service that is growing in demand. Interactive media is an effective strategy that will propel the medical marketing and advertising of your practice, medical center, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device company in the years ahead.

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