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DDA Medical Custom Programmed Intranet Systems and Solutions - Overview

Effective communication among your medical organization or among your established network is key to efficiency and financial success. DDA Medical’s intranets make communication easy, allowing users to exchange data needed to carry out important tasks, to stay informed on up-to-date procedures, to access programs on different platforms, and much more. All this can be done in one shared web-based environment with administrative access control, so users are exposed only to the materials that impact their individual performance.


With DDA Medical’s intranets, all relevant information is put at a user’s fingertips upon entrance to a custom dashboard interface designed to reflect your medical organization’s purpose and function. But customization does not end there. We can build document libraries of electronic files for download, news and event modules to keep user’s informed of medical developments within the field and at your organization, discussion forums for sharing ideas and gaining feedback from colleagues, patient records for healthcare professionals, sales cycle data for pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, and so on. Streamline your business practices with an intranet custom designed, developed, and programmed by DDA Medical.

DDA Medical Custom Programmed Intranet Systems and Solutions - In-depth

For any medical organization, big or small, patient care can be impacted by the effectiveness of internal communications. Well informed employees form a capable staff that works faster and more confidently. DDA Medical’s custom programming services can help your medical device, facility, or pharmaceutical organization improve communication and achieve a stronger business structure. By closely analyzing and assessing your organization’s needs, we’ll formulate a solid intranet strategy and system that will keep employees organized, well-informed, and ultimately, more productive.


Secure Online Intranet Systems: A Closer Look

Employee intranet applications offer medical facilities a central hub from which all work-related communications can flow. From public calendars detailing important dates and deadlines to interactive time sheets that allow employees to track their work expenditures by the minute, intranet tools greatly enhance the workflow of any professional environment. Though there are pre-packaged intranet software solutions, standard functionalities generally do not fit the exact needs of your organization. DDA Medical offers healthcare professionals custom intranet development services that achieve portals expertly molded to precise specifications. Read on to learn about DDA Medical’s intranet applications.

  • Resource Library: Instead of wasting valuable monetary and environmental resources printing lengthy employee manuals, benefit documents, company policies, and regulation changes, post important material to intranet libraries. No longer will employees be left in the dark concerning crucial company policies with this information readily available for view at any time and from any location.
  • Employee or Customer Directory: Need to locate the number of a customer quickly? How about identifying the HR representative at corporate headquarters? DDA Medical’s employee and customer directory offers intranet users comprehensive input and review features to find and input contact information easily and efficiently.
  • Task Tools: DDA Medical’s web and intranet programmers design sophisticated task and data management tools. As a project coordinator or manager, select the employee you wish to assign a task to, describe the task, and simply hit “send.”  Designated employees then receive a message indicating the assignment. Once finished, employees can mark an assignment as complete, eliminating the task completion guess work.
  • Project Monitoring: DDA Medical’s proprietary Time Resource and Accounting system (TRAC™ ) makes monitoring the progress and time expenditures associated with a project a breeze. Here’s how it works. Each project gets its own details page, outlining the developmental milestones, time line of deliverables, and budget. Employees are then assigned to a project where they can record and describe each and every minute spent completing a task. Project managers can then tally time expenditures and monitor progress to ensure all deadline and budget goals are satisfied.
  • Forums & Blogs: Share ideas, spark discussion, and gain feedback with intranet forums and blogs. The knowledge of your team is often your most valuable asset and DDA Medical’s intranet sharing tools facilitate exceptional communications.  And as all comments are archived, employees can return to these discussions for reference at a later date.
  • Security: DDA Medical understands that with every job title, there are clearly defined privileges. That’s why our programmers implement tiered intranet access rights. Grant managers and administrators full access to the intranet’s features, but limit access to trainees and lower-rung employees. You define the level of rights while implementing the security measures needed to keep sensitive information safe, secure, and protected. Additionally, as DDA Medical servers are HIPAA-compliant, you can rest assured valuable information is protected from outside intruders.
  • Customized Dashboards: With a staff of professional graphic artists, DDA Medical can create custom intranet designs that mirror and reinforce your organizations visual identity.

When template-derived intranet solutions fail to fulfill your organization’s demanding needs, DDA Medical is ready to provide the customized programming solution.

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