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Custom Programming for Innovative Medical Solutions - Overview

Regardless of the purpose or the need, your project may require additional functionality to offer consumers, clients, patients, or physicians the most user-friendly and comprehensive experience possible. DDA Medical not only offers customized programming solutions to increase internal communications and business operations, like our intranets and Medical CRMS; with a full custom-programming department in-house, we can make nearly any programming request a reality.  Require visitors to log-in or register before accessing websites or CME sites, track the number of users who receive certification, or develop an e-mail management system so you can select specific groups or people to send messages and-or reminders to. We can allow users to view presentations or complete surveys or competency and accreditation exams, log out, and come back to exactly where they left off. We can build full databases that allow you to store information, including contact information for all registrants, or for your users to store or track treatment or product information or results. DDA Medical can also build an administrative back-end that will allow you as much control as you desire. Whether it’s building full systems, providing customized solutions, or adding the perfect complement to any project, DDA Medical’s custom programming helps your organization track, communicate, measure and grow.

Custom Programming for Innovative Medical Solutions - In-depth

Many providers offer medical website, eLearning portal, personal health record, intranet, and customer relationship management (CRM) services. Most offer rehashed versions of template-derived websites, medical training programs, and more. At DDA Medical, we believe the true mark of a reliable medical marketing and digital advertising agency is found in the customization of services and flexibility. With years of industry experience and a long-list of award-winning services, we can proudly declare that DDA Medical is a better fit for your needs than the rest.


For years, DDA Medical’s custom database and web programmers have embraced the latest coding and programming technologies to ensure no client request goes unanswered.  From complex patient tracking tools that record entire medical histories to multimedia eLearning environments that respond intelligently to user input, we strive to strike a delicate balance between ground-breaking innovation and unequalled usability. We do this through innovation and extreme programming, enabling DDA Medical developed websites and functional programs to break the mold. With DDA Medical, your organization can have interactive patient websites with video presentations and synchronized link presentations; and you can provide trainees with virtual simulations to hone their skills before real-world applications, and more.


DDA Medical’s Extensive Custom Programming Services

  • Medical Intranets: Improve internal operations and drastically enhance workplace efficiencies with a custom programmed medical intranet developed by DDA Medical.
  • Medical CRMs: Input, organize, and analyze client and consumer data and behaviors with customer relationship management (CRM) systems that improve future marketing efforts and client relations.
  • Programming Add-ons: Enhance existing websites, medical training programs, personal health records, and more with DDA Medical’s extensive custom programming ability. We’ll build features that seamlessly integrate into a variety of platforms.
  • Database Development: Manage and store sensitive medical data, eLearning trainee statistics, and more with a HIPAA-compliant DDA Medical developed secure online database.
  • Specialized Tracking Tools: Assess the effectiveness of a patient website or personal health record with specialized tracking tools that reveal traffic patterns, program use, trainee testing scores, and more.
  • Personal Health Records: Transition from outdated paper-based filing systems to electronic data management. Whether used to track patient treatment within a hospital or private practice, or provided to patients to record the progress of their treatment, personal health records can improve overall patient care.
  • Grant Application Portals: Automate medical grant programs with online application submittal and comprehensive administrative and review capabilities.

A medical website or training portal may be beautifully designed, but without the presence of custom programming, its usefulness is lessened. Let the professional programmers of DDA Medical breathe life into your patient health record, website, and portal with solutions that impress users and enhance usability. Contact DDA Medical today.

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