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Online Tools for Convenience and Efficiency - Overview

DDA Medical understands the hectic and fast-paced demands of the medical and healthcare industries. Whether it’s a large company, institution, or private practice, there’s always a need for increased convenience and efficiency, which is why we develop tools and solutions specifically designed to help save time and costs. Our full range of in-house capabilities and medical expertise allows us to build online portals for consumers, patients, or physicians that can take many of the tasks you currently do manually offline, online, while ensuring that you are adhering to all regulations and guidelines. DDA Medical has additional tools to make business operations smoother and leaner, including our PowerPoint Generator, intranets, patient portals, and CRM software, all developed in-house by our custom programmers, giving you a vital edge. With DDA Medical you can streamline everyday practices and increase convenience for everyone involved.

Online Tools for Convenience and Efficiency - In-depth

Consumer Information Portals
Even before an initial consultation with a physician, patients and their family and friends scour the Internet, wanting to know all there is to know about the condition they are experiencing and what treatment options are available. In the delicate situation of clinical diagnosis, patients desire a basis of understanding and crave immediate answers to important questions. With a consumer information portal designed and developed by DDA Medical, your website will be the definitive source they turn to for everything from advancements in the field to practicing physicians in their regional or local area. We can work with you to build your consumer information portal as a simple gateway to reference data or as an interactive experience they will never forget; the choice is yours.


Patient Portals
More people than ever before are turning to the Internet for tools that make their lives easier, and medical services are no exception. As people try to fit their own health improvement and care into their busy schedules, medical centers and practices are forced to compete in this fast-paced environment with better customer service and by transferring many of their paper-based systems to online applications. As an innovative medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical builds patient portals equipped with the tools today’s medical offices need to streamline administrative processes. Our patient portals include modules, such as Request an Appointment; Appointment Reminder; Request a Prescription; Therapy/Drug or Product Usage Tracker; and a Notes/Journal page.


Physician Portals
Communicate more efficiently with your staff or colleagues, referring physicians or a comprehensive network of medical professionals, or pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device companies by implementing a physician portal from DDA Medical. Fully HIPAA-compliant, DDA Medical’s physician portals feature a secure transmission of information and can be developed with different levels of administrative access. Our physician portals allow you to keep track of and update patient information; send referral exam requests; share a calendar of events; video conference online with medical sales representatives; view and archive lab results; and much more. With DDA Medical, the medical marketing and advertising possibilities are virtually endless.


PowerPoint Generator Presentation Management Software
Whether to show annual revenue growth or long-term data on the efficacy of a treatment, presentations are given for a variety of reasons and quite often on a moment’s notice, leaving little time for preparation. DDA Medical’s PowerPoint Generator presentation management software stores your organization’s full presentations, slides, images, graphics, charts, video, and more in a library-type database that can be accessed from any Internet connection. Using a simple graphical user interface (GUI), users can sort through it all for the individual components they need or to develop a presentation all their own.


Medical Intranets
Improve communication, make it easy to access important data from anywhere at any time, and bring old, paper-based procedures online with DDA Medical’s intranet development. At our medical marketing and advertising agency, we’ll work with you to analyze your unique needs and challenges, and customize your medical intranet with a suite of advanced online tools that will provide value-added convenience and efficiency services. Our medical intranets are fully HIPAA-compliant and feature sophisticated login-based security with multiple levels of administrative access. Click the link above to read more about how DDA Medical’s intranets can streamline communication and office procedures for enhanced productivity.

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