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Traditional Marketing Technologies - Overview

The defining difference between DDA Medical and most other vendors is our full-service, in-house capabilities. We make it easy to launch a full marketing campaign or to select the exact service that you need. Most everything we do is scalable so you can add on to projects that we’ve created over time, as your needs grow and evolve. Marketing and Branding is a standalone service that we offer, but it is also a part of nearly every project we undertake, where needed, so that we are helping you to establish a recognizable identity and a unified marketing effort. With our award-winning designs and expertise in the medical and healthcare industries, we can create medical websites, brochures, logos, direct mail pieces, all print materials from postcards to catalogs, trade show graphics and displays, and illustrations to be exactly as you’ve envisioned. You can also choose the exact services you need for your project, whether it’s conceptualization, medical writing, or digital photography. Fulfill all of your marketing needs with one vendor who redefines the meaning of traditional.

Traditional Marketing Technologies - In-depth

No other medical marketing company or advertising agency offers as much in the way of traditional services as DDA Medical. Every medical marketing service we provide is created in-house by degreed, full-time professionals, highly-trained in their areas of expertise. We develop global and national strategic marketing plans and branding for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, private practices, and other organizations and institutions, in addition to our wide range of medical marketing and advertising services.


From well-crafted and executed direct mail marketing campaigns to logo and brochure designs, DDA Medical fits all needs, sizes, and purposes. Our experience in advertising and marketing for the healthcare and medical industries combined with our full range of capabilities, means you’ll never have to look anywhere else to get exactly what you need, exactly how you want it.


Receive high-quality medical illustrations, medical video production, photography, website design and development, trade show displays and graphics, or so much more in digital and print advertising for the Internet and beyond. Use our services in combination to create one unified and cohesive marketing program or singly to accomplish a specific need. We work closely with every single one of our clients, helping in conceptualization, planning, and goal setting, always keeping marketing and branding as a core consideration.


DDA Medical is a true pioneer and leader in all interactive and traditional print medical marketing services and can help craft effective solutions to meet all purposes. This includes services for promotional, educational, training, medical product marketing, clinical trial support, and direct to consumer advertising and for all audiences in the medical and healthcare fields, both on the global and national fronts.


Stay efficient and effective with medical marketing and advertising from one particularly experienced and uniquely diverse company, and get the best results possible with direct mail campaigns, trade show graphics and displays, medical videos, photography, illustrations, animations, logo and brochure designs, and more. From the traditional to the interactive, DDA Medical does medical marketing like no one else.

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