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MBSImP Clinician Platform with Diagnostic Treatment and Certification eLearning Portal

The Medical University of South Carolina has been advancing research and diagnostic methods for the treatment of swallowing dysfunction, and they worked with DDA Medical to develop this information into an eLearning platform. DDA Medical responded with a comprehensive online eLearning, diagnostic, and research tool known as the MBSImP, or Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile™©.

The MBSImP Diagnosis and Treatment eLearning platform introduces a method to analyze various types and degrees of swallowing disorders. DDA Medical created 73 original 3D medical animations from scratch to synchronize with the client’s set of fluoroscopic videos. The synced data can be played in real time or displayed frame by frame for detailed analysis. Different levels and types of impairment can be evaluated, and animation views of one type can be compared with the fluoroscopic data of another type.

Clinicians also have a testing and certification option after reviewing the material. DDA Medical created a testing area where clinicians’ retention of the information is assessed. Upon successful completion, clinicians can become certified for MBSImP diagnosis and treatment.

The MBSImP Diagnosis and Treatment eLearning platform was also developed to be used by clinicians to record real-world data for their patients. The platform has the capability to evaluate more than a thousand metrics, and the results can be dynamically queried in association with demographic and other types of information to further advance research.

The MBSImP Diagnosis and Treatment eLearning platform establishes a new standard in the treatment, diagnosis, and understanding of swallowing dysfunction, and demonstrates the full breadth of DDA Medical’s custom software development services; from software design, 3D computer modeling and animation, eLearning and certification programs, graphic design and multimedia, and the development of the platform into a practical working clinical tool.

Because of the substantial amount of sensitive medical information, DDA Medical maintains the platform on its own HIPAA-compliant servers to ensure that all patient data remains strictly private.

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