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Medical Equipment 2D & 3D Animation - Overview

Your medical device is designed to improve the quality of people’s lives; why not bring life to your medical device marketing materials with DDA Medical’s animated presentations? Whether animation is purely aesthetic and used as a motion background in a presentation or functional as a representation of the affects on the human body through a mechanism or action, it creates activity and generates interest.


Through 2D or 3D animation, DDA Medical can help you demonstrate the operation of your device, highlight benefits and features, and portray positive recovery outcomes. Your animation demonstrations can easily be integrated into websites, making them a wise investment with diverse applications.


Aside from full demonstrations, DDA Medical can create animated icons, logos, and other custom artwork that will help you establish a competitive brand in both the marketplace and the research field. DDA Medical’s animation can move your device marketing forward.

Medical Equipment 2D & 3D Animation - In-depth

Before healthcare professionals adopt and patients accept an emerging medical device, they must first be convinced of its benefits.  But with one-on-one demonstrations limited to the availability of your sales force, potential consumers and promoters of your medical device are left largely unaddressed. Expand your device exposure with the 3D medical animation services of DDA Medical.


DDA Medical specializes in the development of 2D and 3D medical device animations. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone animation that markets your device through attractive imagery or a highly detailed tutorial that outlines step-by-step instructions, DDA Medical possesses the in-house capability to deliver professional medical equipment animations that far exceed expectations.

  • Medical Illustration: The basis of any effective animation lays in an attractive illustrative model that is then brought to life with motion. DDA Medical’s in-house staff includes degreed artists with extensive medical illustration experience. From depicting the minute intricacies of a device and its many components to accurately portraying the details of the human anatomy and the mechanisms of action, DDA Medical can generate 2D or 3D animations that showcase your device and make apparent its indications for use.
  • Promotional Animations: Most medical device manufacturers enlist the services of a professional photographer for promotional imagery but few market their device through engaging 2D and 3D animation. Unlike static images that leave viewers guessing as to the device’s mechanisms, highly detailed medical equipment animation tells the story of your device from its appearance to its operational use. Medical animations can be used in a variety of applications, including integrated animated equipment demonstrations on your website, showcased device functionality at a trade show, DVD presentations at the clinical level, and much more.
  • Animation Tutorials & Simulations: If you cannot be there in person to explain the benefits and use of a device, provide the next best thing with instructional animated equipment tutorials. With an in-house staff of creative medical copywriters, professional animation artists, programmers, and graphic designers, we build interactive tutorials that meld animations with voiceover, supporting imagery, and text for a learning experience that is engaging and effective. Or, put the power in your audiences’ hands with medical device simulations where virtual equipment can be operated in a life-like simulated environment.

Patient vs. Healthcare Professional Medical Device Animations

Depending upon the product, medical device animations are marketed to one of two groups: patients or healthcare professionals. A medical device intended for professional use cannot be marketed in the same manner as a patient device intended for everyday, at home applications. DDA Medical has extensive experience in both realms and develops custom medical animations that appeal to your target audience. Contact DDA Medical today to discover more about our animation services.

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