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New Product Launch

From the development of an initial concept to the day it is launched, a new medical device can be an enormous investment of time and money. When the launch date arrives, your medical device manufacturing company will have plenty of concerns – proper marketing of that device should not be one of them.


That’s why DDA Medical is the perfect solution for the marketing of your new medical device. Because we offer every type of marketing service under one roof, your new product launch will be handled efficiently from beginning to end. This cohesiveness is critical in all types of marketing, but especially in the launch of new medical devices and products. Unlike with the launch of new retail products, new medical devices and products often require training and education, eLearning applications, and certifications to be offered simultaneously. Physicians, healthcare professionals, and other clinicians must be trained in the use of your medical product or device, and DDA Medical can coordinate those training tools to correspond with your other branding and marketing efforts.


A new product launch must be seamless, and often includes initial branding efforts such as logo design and branding, along with promotional marketing materials, patient education tools, training video production, and eLearning portals. Instead of choosing different marketing companies for each segment, count on the one medical marketing firm that can handle it all. DDA Medical will work with you to customize an efficient and seamless marketing strategy for your new product launch.

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