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DDA’s Medical Device Trade Show Exhibit Services - Overview

With the Internet becoming more important every day, and interactive marketing tools all the rage, many medical marketing firms have forgotten about an old staple of the medical device manufacturing industry: the trade show. At DDA Medical, we understand just how important a trade show can be for your success. When the opportunity arises to present your new medical device, drug, therapy, service, or product to a captive audience of physicians and other clinicians, you can’t afford to let it go to waste.


DDA Medical has all the capabilities in-house to help you create the perfect trade show displays. Whether you’re looking for a few simple graphics and banners, or you want to include custom animations, videos, and even interactive features, DDA Medical can tailor a trade show display for your needs. Our graphic designers have years of experience in trade show and large-format graphics, while our animators and video specialists have created numerous displays tailored specifically to draw the attention of trade show attendees. When it comes to many medical devices and products, educational videos and animations are often a necessity in order for the audience to understand their use.


At DDA Medical, we have the in-house capabilities to create a compelling and cohesive display. And because everyone at DDA Medical works under the same roof – we never outsource our work – you are guaranteed a trade show display that carries the same marketing message from beginning to end, presenting your brand identity and making a lasting impression on trade show attendees.

DDA’s Medical Device Trade Show Exhibit Services - In-depth

With hundreds of competitors vying for trade show attendees, a booth must possess a commanding presence with eye-catching graphics, banners, and digital media that attracts your target audience. DDA Medical, a full-service medical marketing company, designs and develops healthcare trade show displays and booths that stop passers-by in their tracks. For medical device manufacturers, trade shows are opportune times to market newly launched instruments and equipment. Don’t let this valuable chance pass you by with ordinary exhibits that understate your organization’s professionalism. Turn to DDA Medical’s trade show display designers and stand-out among the sea of competing medical booths.


Medical Trade Show Booth & Graphic Designs

Through large-scale graphics and banners, attract attention with imagery and powerful statements that speak directly to your target audience. Prospect consumers of your medical device will be drawn to your exhibit and intrigued to learn more. Our custom trade show display design process ensures the right colors, imagery, and wording are fused together to grace large scale graphics and hanging banners that attract attention from across a crowded room.


Trade Show Videos & Medical Animations

Now that you’ve captured an audience, hold their attention with trade show videos that communicate your corporate philosophy, product benefits, and its indications for use. With an in-house video studio and a staff of degreed script writers and video experts, DDA Medical can craft concise trade show videos that succeed in marketing your device to potential promoters and users. Possibilities include a fully animated simulation outlining device operations or a carefully scripted narration complete with supporting graphics and on-screen talent.


Promotional Marketing Materials: Brochures, Sell Sheets, and More

Stay on the minds of your target audience with brochures and sell sheets that define the benefits of your device and industry-leading services long after the show has ended. Our team of medical copywriters is versed in the formulation of scientific marketing copy and our in-house graphic designers generate pleasing, well-structured brochure and print material layouts. And for an interactive experience, offer visitors interactive platforms that provide an in-depth summary of your medical device and service.


Virtual Medical Device Trade Shows

Now thanks to DDA Medical’s continual pursuit of innovative interactive mediums of medical marketing, the benefits of trade shows can be felt year round with virtual trade shows. Whether supplied on disk as part of a direct mail campaign or posted on your corporate website, virtual trade shows allow users to navigate through an exciting 3D trade show exhibition. Save not only on the cost of expensive display production, but update virtual exhibits with ease as your selection of products and equipment expand.


With DDA Medical, stand out, get noticed, and succeed. Contact Us today to learn more about our comprehensive medical marketing services.

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