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Promote Medical Device Proficiency with eLearning Training Technology - Overview

It has been said that the most effective form of training is guided, hands-on experience. This holds especially true for medical device instruction. But, the reality for many healthcare facilities is a lack of trainee resources, leaving many operators in the dark when it comes to the proper use of a medical device.


So how do you provide employees with the knowledge that is essential to device competence without incurring the hours associated with one-on-one training? The answer is through medical device eLearning developed by the professionals at DDA Medical.


Instruct with 3D animation, explain complicated operations with a video demonstration, or assess user comprehension with a quiz. With services that include video production, animation, virtual medical simulation, and medical illustration, detailing a machine’s operation has never been easier or clearer.

Promote Medical Device Proficiency with eLearning Training Technology - In-depth

As a medical device manufacturer, your responsibility is to develop equipment that saves lives, increases accuracy, and streamlines procedures, but before these innovations can reshape the medical realm, healthcare professionals must first comprehend the device and its operations. The question then becomes how to communicate complex procedures in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging? The answer is through interactive, multimedia eLearning programs developed by the medical device training specialists at DDA Medical. Like you, we carry a heavy responsibility: to revolutionize training processes by implementing innovative eLearning tools. Through a healthcare training and education approach that is highly interactive, DDA Medical has succeeded in developing medical device eLearning courses that increase trainee competence and memory retention.


As a full-service medical training tools provider, we strive to offer the most complete and comprehensive listing of eLearning services. From informative medical training videos to complex virtual medical simulations, we possess the required in-house skill and expertise. Read on to learn how DDA Medical’s custom eLearning course development can promote knowledge of your medical device.


Effective Training Approaches for Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Copywriting and Script Development: Though informative, owner’s manuals often present instruction in a dry, hard-to-understand manner. As a result, healthcare providers lack the needed concentration to fully comprehend the material at hand. At DDA Medical, our staff is comprised of medical copywriters that are skilled in formulating technical and scientific copy that is both informative and enjoyable to read.
  • Medical Illustrations & Photography: When explaining the workings of a medical device, visuals are just as important as informative text. That’s why DDA Medical extends our graphic design and photography service when developing web-based medical device training programs. Show your device in action with a stylized illustration or allow us to capture high resolution digital photographs of your medical device in use.
  • Medical Video, Animation & Virtual Medical Simulation: With a complete step-by-step demonstration or virtual simulation of a device, there will be little question as to how. Plus, we can further the clarity with professional voiceover narrations and supporting graphics. Or, if you desire a level of detail a camera cannot capture, DDA Medical offers exceptional 2D and 3D medical animation and medical illustration services.
  • Custom Programming: At DDA Medical, we don’t take the template approach that so many eLearning developers have adopted. Instead, we build healthcare eLearning courseware to suit our client’s unique and varied needs. Possible functionalities include advanced assessment tools such as integrated quizzes, user tracking, and reporting capabilities; enhanced user and navigation controls, and on-demand medical device certification.

The medical education training specialists of DDA Medical not only aim to secure the most effective training tools to illustrate proper use of your medical device, but seek to unveil the best delivery format. With online web-based CME websites, your medical training program can be formatted in a number of ways to suit your target audience. Contact DDA today to learn more about our comprehensive medical device training services.

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