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Medical Device Operation Training - Overview

Even the most advanced medical device, that holds the best promise of delivering exceptional treatment, is ineffective without training and proper application. Operational training is one element that cannot be overlooked as part of your medical device marketing. But the expense and travel time of major training conferences and multiple seminars may not always be feasible. DDA Medical offers a better way.


We work with you to understand the mechanisms of your medical device, applicable regulatory guidelines, and the procedure implemented in application. Then, by creating an animation for demonstration, virtual medical simulation for practice, video for guidance, content for review, testing for comprehension, and more, we’re able to deliver medical training tools just as innovative as the device you developed.


DDA Medical can build training tools for all of your customers, from a patient using a device in the privacy of their own home to a surgeon implanting a device in the operating room. Don’t neglect this critical marketing component and don’t rely on traditional training methods, contact DDA Medical for the medical device marketing and training that not only gets your products in the hands of those who need them, but teaches those how to use them for optimal performance.

Medical Device Operation Training - In-depth

Many factors influence a buyer’s decision. From brand recognition and pricing to product features and warranty, consumers carefully weigh the pros and cons before committing to a purchase. One such factor is the available level of support. Especially in an industry as complex and demanding as the medical world, instructional material and technical assistance can make the difference between consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. DDA Medical, the healthcare training and education specialists, develops interactive multimedia eLearning tools that clearly define medical device operation. With an interactive web-based instructional courseware, potential buyers can feel confident knowing a robust training and education resource is readily available for use.


Healthcare professionals are busy and lack the time to tab through lengthy, text-heavy manuals. What they need are training tutorials that clearly and concisely outline medical device features and operations. DDA Medical’s healthcare equipment eLearning platforms offer multimedia-based training tools that enhance interactivity, memory retention, and levels of comprehension.  From medical device training videos that demonstrate functionality to highly detailed illustrations that outline equipment components, DDA Medical possesses the experience and in-house capability that is required to build highly immersive and engaging learning environments. Some medical device training options include:

  • Digital Manuals: Don’t overwhelm device operators with hundred-page manuals; instead, offer electronic versions that save on production cost and increase ease of use. DDA Medical designs graphical user interfaces that present data in a well-structured way. In seconds, equipment operators will be able to locate the information they need quickly and efficiently. Additionally, keyword searching mechanisms return related resources without the need to explore lengthy table of contents or manual indexes.
  • Medical Device Demonstration Videos: Clearly define device operations with product demonstration videos. At DDA Medical, our staff includes a team of degreed medical scriptwriters, professional video technicians, and experienced medical animators, all production elements are handled in-house for streamlined and affordable development.
  • Multimedia eLearning Courseware: When offered as a web-based portal, eLearning training programs actively engage users for maximum results. By combining informative text with supporting graphics, animations, videos, medical simulations, and more, users will learn at higher rates with multimedia eLearning tools that increase comprehension.
  • Virtual Medical Simulations: No experience is better than hands on training, but in the medical world, this equates to risk. With life-like medical device simulations, healthcare professionals can perform virtual device operations before applying their knowledge in real-world applications.  

Whether you are marketing a device to patients or healthcare professionals, providing effective instructional resources is a critical priority. DDA Medical can help you position your product above all others with interactive training tools that build user confidence.

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